Man Who Mocked Tinder User on Facebook Faces Jail

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Taylor Swift Fan Goes Viral Every Tuesday!

flower in hairThere’s a “Wild Dream” coming out of a very cool 6-year-old name Lilly Neitzert. And, it’s to meet Taylor Swift. Every Tuesday, she gets to catch a little glimpes of what that might look like when Lilly dresses up like her idol. And, the results are unbelievable. It’s like looking into a tiny little mirror!

Lilly just loves Taylor. She’ll be having a birthday party in six months and has decided she wants a Taylor Swift theme party! “So far her [theme] ideas,” says mom Sara, “are ‘pin the tails on Taylor’s cats’ and ‘Taylor Swift Karaoke.'” She also wants to give each invitee Taylor’s 1989 CD as the party favor. “You should hear her ideas for the cake!” says Sara. Lilly is even planning to invite Swift!

But, that’s not all. This little pop princess has gone viral! Sara’s Instagram account has well over 7000 followers and the posts have reached as far as Japan. You remember Sara Neitzert, right? We featured her and husband Andy a few years back on their amazing work as independent film makers! Lilly actually doesn’t want to work in “the biz” but wants to be a helicopter pilot! Of course, if Taylor doesn’t make her a double for all of her music videos!

Well, they have a little star in the making! Good Morning America has even covered the story! Well, we sat down with little Lilly and mom, Sara this week to chat about her “Love Story” with Taylor Swift:

Bold Magazine: Let’s start from the beginning, how did this start?

Lilly: I just love Taylor so much and I wanted to dress like her! And I LOVE to pose!
Sara: For a while, each night as a family, we would watch some music videos together and Lilly and I would dance along. That was right about the time Shake It Off came out and we couldn’t get enough of it! Lilly asked to watch more of TS’s videos and she just fell in love with her music. Lilly loved all of her clothes and repeatedly asked if she could have dresses and outfits just like hers. So we started taking photos and thought it would be fun to recreate some of the poses.

BM: What has the response been so far? 

L: I think lots of people like it. My Nana and Grandma like it the most!
S: Once ABC shared the article about Lilly’s “Taylor Tuesday,” things got a little crazy. I never thought I’d 12940873_215208048858345_451419684_nsay this, but my phone was actually blowing up! I understand what that means now! haha! We have had a lot of inquiries for interviews and I started feeling a little bit uncomfortable with it actually. We still have a big response on Instagram every time we post something, but I have been more careful about posting lately.
BM: What does Lilly think about the response?
S: At first we told Lilly about people liking her photos, but we don’t talk about it anymore. We don’t want it to go to her head or want her to think she needs to measure her self worth in how many Instagram likes she gets. I see that too much with kids and even adults these days and I don’t want her to fall into that, especially not at the age of six.

BM: Lilly has been featured by some blogs and social media pages. What’s been the best experience so far? 

S: I think the best experience has been the response from Japan. It’s amazing how people on the other side of the world are liking photos of Lilly. We showed Lilly where Japan is on a map and googled a little about Japan with her. I have always wanted to visit Japan, and now Lilly does too. I am hoping we can go someday!

BM: Japan? Tell us more!

I get messages everyday from Lilly’s Instagrammers in Japan. Most of them speak very limited English, but they all say “I love you!” and “You are so cute!”. Some have asked us to come to Japan. More than anything I wish we could! That kind of trip just isn’t in our budget right now.  I am obsessed with Japanese candy and I’ve passed that on to Lilly! Lilly and I get a subscription box every month filled with Japanese snacks and stationary called Kawaii Box. We post photos on Instagram and then our new Japanese friends tell us all about the snacks and stuff! It’s pretty cool and helpful because we don’t know what the packages say!

12196197_10153782614583291_380105970008563406_nBM: So, how do you all decide which photo to replicate? 

L: My mom shows me some pictures on her phone and I look at magazines. I like to pick pictures where I like her pose and clothes! I wanted to cut my hair because I want to look like Taylor swift.
S: We let Lilly choose, but sometimes we have to veto some of her choices because they aren’t practical or appropriate.

BM: Do you have to find props and clothing? Does it get expensive?

S: We try to choose photos that have simple clothes and props. Everything we do is very budget friendly! One of the photos we did we used a towel for the white background. In the Wildest Dreams photo we did, Lilly and I made her necklace and earrings out of aluminum foil! Most of the outfits we choose are plain and sometimes Lilly has even worn a shirt backwards because the front had a picture on it. We have purchased a few things for some of the photos, like for the blank Space picnic scene one, we bought the gummy worms, animal cookies and chocolate milk. The most money we spent was on the fabric for her black lace Blank Space dress, which I sewed her for Halloween. My sister actually bought most of the fabric for it. The dress took me almost 20 hours to sew, and I had to piece together elements from different patterns to make a dress similar to the one in the video. It was also a challenge to make an age appropriate version. I am very proud of that dress!

BM: So, here’s the question…has Taylor reached out at all? 

S: We are just doing this for fun. We would certainly not be disappointed if she never reached out and honestly, we would be extremely surprised if she did.
 12905191_214656168908804_649095711_n(1) 12912422_506857292827328_603117453_n
BM: Have you tried reaching out to Taylor? Will you? 
S: Other than tagging Taylor on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter, I do not know how to reach her. She has not reached out to us. I get now though why she hasn’t. Once I started getting a bunch of Instagram notifications, I realized Instagram will only show you about the last hundred of them. After that, you can’t see them. Taylor Swift has millions of notifications, so she probably would never even see if we’ve tagged her in something.
L: If I met Taylor Swift I would hug her! I want to ask her about playing the guitar and I want to talk to her about her cats!
S: She didn’t used to think too much about Taylor seeing the photos she takes, but this week she saw a video of her surprising a couple at their wedding and this put some seemingly impossible ideas in her head. She really wants to be her friend. Lilly asked to send Taylor a picture she drew for her. I told her we didn’t have her address and she said “That’s OK mom. I’ll just ask the mailman. He knows everyone’s address!”

BM: That is hysterical! Lilly, what do you like to do when not posing as Taylor Swift? 

L: I like to play with marble works. I got it for my birthday from Darrah, Daisy and Richard (our friends). You get to build stuff and then watch the marbles go through it! I also love drawing. I love to draw cats! Because Taylor Swift loves cats! I like helping everyone. Like when someone falls down on the playground at school. I like to help homeless people because they don’t have a home and that makes me feel sad. I give them food like fruit and snacks when I see them and we are in the car driving. I wish I could give them a house. I like giving my parents concerts because they are sweet to me. I play my guitar. I make it up because I don’t know the real way to play it yet. And I write songs about things like my family and cats. I really want a pet cat!

BM: Who are Lilly’s favorite artists including and besides Taylor Swift? 

S: Lilly loves music from Beauty and the Beast and she says she likes Katy Perry, but I am not convinced she actually knows who she is…


BM: So Sara, last we spoke, your film and production career were really picking up. What’s gone on since then? 

S: For now, we have been focusing on one project at a time. Right now we are working a documentary about a remarkable woman who had a terrible accident falling from a horse and her journey to get back on that horse. It’s a very inspiring story. Right now we are submitting the film to festivals. We’ll see what happens.

BM: And, how about Andy? Has he been involved with filming and our with Lilly’s photoshoots? 

S: Andy has been very involved with all of the Taylor Tuesday shoots. We take turns taking the photos and hand the camera back and forth, so we never really know whose photo is whose exactly.

BM: So…lastly, what makes Lilly BOLD?

L: My mom lets me pick out my own clothes for school. I only wear stuff that doesn’t match. I love when it doesn’t match because it just feels crazy and fun!
S: Lilly definitely marches to the beat of her own drum. When I said that out loud it first came out “she beats to the march of her own drum”, which perhaps is an even better way to describe my Lilly. She has some really big ideas and takes after me in that she talks non-stop! 

11802704_10153573117588291_182972875184823886_o 11888526_10153611077448291_2115794060477923280_o 12185155_10153777656413291_661658382152678729_o (1)  week2 week3_2  week4


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Local vet fires back on Facebook after being told: ‘have some respect’

When Rebecca Hayes came out to her car on Monday after shopping at the Coddle Creek Harris Teeter, she discovered a note criticizing her for parking in a spot reserved for veterans.

“This parking is for Veterans, lady,” it began. “Learn to read and have some respect.”

Rebecca Hayes,

Hayes, a Concord resident, is in fact a veteran of the U.S. Navy.

In response, she turned to social media.

She shared a captioned photo of the note on Facebook, beginning it by saying that though she doesn’t normally use the spots reserved for veterans, Monday was a hot, busy day, and the spots were available.

She continued:

“I’m sorry that you can’t see my eight years of service in the United States Navy. I’m sorry that your narrow misogynistic world view can’t conceive of the fact that there are female Veterans. I’m sorry that I have to explain myself to people like you. Mostly, I’m sorry that we didn’t get a chance to have this conversation face to face, and that you didn’t have the integrity and intestinal fortitude to identify yourself, qualities the military emphasizes.”

She concluded by asking the author of the note, “I served, did you?”b07835aeeaf52d22d77129098a2a8066

According to a report by WBTV, Hayes believes the note was left because she is a woman and didn’t fit the typical veteran stereotype in her business-casual clothes.

Hayes told WBTV that her husband, a veteran of the U.S. Army, has parked in a veteran parking spot before. However, the most feedback he has received is a “thank you for your service.”

“Veterans come in all shapes, sizes, genders and colors,” Hayes said in a phone interview with WBTV.

Read more here:

The criticism of Meg Ryan’s appearance reveals a bigger issue that is NOT getting better

From – During last night’s Tony Awards, Meg Ryan introduced the cast of She Loves Me, the Broadway musical that inspired her 1998 film with Tom Hanks, You’ve Got Mail. Not long afterwards, Ryan became a target for Twitter users who were concerned with the 54-year-old actress’ appearance.

News outlets and Twitter users (both men and women) criticized Ryan, saying that, among many other cruel things, she looked drastically different than before.

First of all, it’s been years since she acted in When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail, and Sleepless in Seattle so, NEWSFLASH! She did what every human does: AGE.

In a 2015 interview with Net-a-Porter, Ryan had discussed the issue of aging, women, and plastic surgery rumors, saying she didn’t pay a lot of attention to the accusations. “There’s a lot of hatred in the world today. It’s so easy to judge,” she said at the time. “Imagine being a hater, how stupid.”

This whole thing with Ryan might feel like déjà vu, especially when compared to Renée Zellweger, who was at the center of her own plastic surgery rumors in 2014. All in all, the same people who think it’s their place to speculate whether or not a woman has had plastic surgery are most likely the same ones who would criticize her for looking older. Women, especially in Hollywood, are under pressure to maintain a youthful appearance more than men. While male actors can age gracefully and become “silver foxes,” women are expected to retain their looks, and if they decide to get plastic surgery, they will be condemned for that as well. How can anyone win?40c401b64a6b16c47887f70917af00e1

Whether or not a woman wants to forgo plastic surgery OR use it to alter her appearance, it is nobody else’s business but the woman’s. Unfortunately, there are still people out there who will continue to comment on the appearances of others, but there are also many who recognize that the issue is preposterous and there are more important things we should be focusing on at the moment.

“I love my age,” Ryan had said in the same interview. “I love my life right now. I love the person I’ve become, the one I’ve evolved into.”

We all should take some inspiration from her words.

The post The criticism of Meg Ryan’s appearance reveals a bigger issue that is NOT getting better appeared first on HelloGiggles.

Brock Turner’s Fate and its Impact on America

CkKYJxwUYAAriInWe at Bold Magazine have been biting our tongues during this Brock Turner trial outcome media frenzy. It didn’t seem like we’d have anything new or interesting to share. But, a few days later, it’s important to note that Brock Turner’s life is certainly going to be impacted. However, this “Ellen Doe” is going to be impacted in a dramatic way, as well. The difference? She is not responsible for the impactful action that will now shape all of her sexual interactions for the rest of her life. Turner is.

Sexual assault occurs more on college campuses than on any other US professional or school setting. 20% of women in the US will be raped in their lives, and the majority of these attacks occur in late teens and early twenties. Contrast that with one in 71 males. 91% of rape victims are female. College campuses like Stanford University which have lower rape counts than other colleges of its size aren’t necessarily doing their jobs. They may actually have similar amounts of sexual assaults and rapes, but they are simply not reporting them.

Yes, Brock’s life will be severely impacted based on the violent crime he committed. It’s called the justice system. “Ellen Doe’s” life is forever scarred. It would have been nice if before she was attacked, her father could have written a note to her attacked telling him how this might effect her appetite and demeanor. I wonder if he would have chosen a different path…

Plus Size Blogger Rachel Gee Bee Sits Down with Bold

RGB5So you think you can blog? So many of us dream of starting our own successful blog. But, it takes a lot of hard work to blog about women’s fashion. May we introduce Rachel Gee Bee ( Gee Bee self-proclaims her site as as a plus size fashion and beauty blog written by herself. She describes herself as a 30-something from New Zealand. But, there’s so much more to the story. One of her more popular posts, “Being a woman on the internet,” hit global headlines when she investigated the harassment behavior of a few of her 10000+ Instagram followers.

Blogging is not Gee Bee’s full time job, but it certainly takes up a good deal of her time. Even when she’s not blogging, she’s answering friends’ questions about her clothing style. We love that spread of positive karma! Well we sat down to talk to this blogging queen and see what she had to say about her online style sessions!

Gee Bee really loves to blog about fashion. We asked if she would venture into other plus size content and she knows that “broader content would require more time commitment…” And, with her already time consuming day job, expect Gee Bee to stick to fashion! And, of course, sticking to her personal life with her husband, dog, and Playstation 4! Here goes!

Bold Magazine: So, tell us the story. Why did you start blogging?

Rachel Gee Bee: I started blogging because I seemed to get a lot of questions about the clothes I wore. Living in New Zealand, I shop online all the time and many women I spoke to were afraid of fit issues and my blog naturally sprung from there.
BM: Oh, who were you getting these questions from?
They came from friends, co-workers and strangers.  Especially niche items like wide-fit leather boots that are still hard to come by in brick and mortar stores.  And the more I shared of my outfits online the more questions and interaction with women I got, and it all spiralled from there.
 BM: Love that! What’s the reaction been like so far?
RGB:  Overwhelmingly positive – the plus size fashion and body positive communities have been very kind to me and I have made some amazing friends.  Until very recently my blog life and my personal real life were very separate, but recently I’ve started sharing my posts and photos with friends and family, who have also been super supportive.
BM: So, why keep it all separate?
RGB: Because I was a little bit shy and apprehensive of what people may think of my branching out into blogging, particularly because I don’t justify my existence as a plus size woman. I make no apologies for what I look like.  My content is purposefully picture heavy and don’t tend to write much more than the bare minimum details (size, fit, store) and I don’t pursue flattering (a term I abhor) outfits.  And lastly it is a bit strange to explain to my parents that there are 10k+ people following my style on social media and that I spend a good portion of my day pointing women in the direction of specific garments, stores and suppliers.
BM: So, what happened to spur this merger?
RGB: The catalyst for my blog and personal life crossing over was actually a really horrible experience I had online with a young man who was harassing me on Instagram.  When the story was picked up by media my full name was used so any thoughts I had about existing separately as a blogger were no longer practical or possible.
BM: Well, we are so glad you do! We’re sure you’ve had some challenges. What’s been your biggest?
RGB: My biggest challenge as a blogger is probably trying to remain inclusive.  As a plus size blogger who is on the smaller end of plus sizes, I am aware I may alienate bigger plus women or women who aren’t an hourglass shape.  I am aware that I can possibly come across as “more of the same” as most plus models resemble my shape and size and not necessarily that of my readers and followers.RGB4
BM: How about financially? Do you pay for the clothing you wear on your site?
RGB: I personally purchase the vast majority of my clothes, which means developing regular content can be challenging as there is only so much of a budget for dresses in my finances!  I proudly re-wear items all the time because that is reality.
BM: We hear that! What’s the next step for you? Blogging full time?
RGB: I don’t predict I will ever be a full time blogger. I live in New Zealand with a primarily US/Canadian readership which means I am always in the opposite season. Also, my market is very small right now and there simply is not enough work to pay the bills via blogging.
RGB6BM: Ah, got it. Do you have a full time job other than blogging?
RGB: Outside of blogging I usually work in IT or Marketing as an analyst or project manager.
BM: So, what are your favorite brands to wear? To work with?
RGB: My favorite brands…. I have so many…are probably Pinup Girl Clothing, 17 Sundays, Hope and Harvest, Smart Glamour, Society +, City Chic. But I am obsessed and always looking for great basics, so ASOS Curve, Old Navy, Target… I love fashion on a budget.
I have been lucky enough to work with some brands – Smart Glamour were the first brand to reach out to me, as well as 17 Sundays and City Chic but I am not often approached for collaborations.   I don’t really pursue blogging work, it’s pretty organic and I am happy to let brands come to me.
BM: So, let’s get down to the dirt. What’s the BEST part of being a plus size blogger?
RGB: The best part of being a plus size blogger has been the amazing women I have met both in real life and virtually.  I always have women to reach out to in terms of blogging and everything that comes with managing an online presence, but more importantly I have friends to reach out to.
I didn’t grow up with women who looked like me…even when I fit into standard sized clothing, women in the media, women in magazines did not have my body type.  So having women reach out to me to let me know they like my style or they love seeing a size 16 woman in her underwear talking about fit – that always makes my day because I do know what it’s like to feel like the world is telling you that you look wrong, that you need to change.
BM: That’s awesome! Keep being a role model! So, what’s your motivation to continue blogging?
RGB: My motivation is fairly materialistic. I love clothes, I love shopping, I love how a garment can make me feel and I want to share that with other women.  I want women to know what their options are, which designers and companies support them, and which ones to stay away from.
BM: How would you define your style, Rachel?
RGB: My style is heavily vintage influenced. I love structure to clothing but I’m also practical and probably a touch lazy so I will never have perfectly done hair and makeup.   I am probably guilty of sometimes letting the clothes wear me. I like to just throw things on. I don’t really care about accessories, I tend to touch and play with jewelry far too much so I don’t bother wearing it. I like to think I am practical, hopefully relatable, and that shows through my style.
BM: Talk to us about the term plus size. We’ve both been using it so much during this interview. It seems to be a hot phrase lately, very magnetizing. But, do plus size women actually blog differently?

RGB: I don’t have any strong feelings toward the distinction between plus size women v women.   I find the term plus size infinitely useful, because even when I fell into straight sizing, I had more in common with plus size models and bloggers than I did straight size in terms of my body shape.  I’ve never been offended by being referred to as plus size. I’ve always considered it merely a description that relates to how clothes are manufactured, and that’s it.  I wear plus size clothes, I have blue eyes, it’s pretty matter of fact and completely unemotional.

I think it’s really difficult for all women, regardless of size, not to buy into size-shame because it is everywhere and likely has been for our entire lives.  But I think if we unpack the negative feelings women may have with the term plus size,  what really is it?   Shame associated with taking up more room than some pattern maker decided was economical once upon a time? Shame for requiring more or less material in your clothes?   I don’t really have time for those feelings or the feelings of people believe the size of my body relates in any way to my value as a person.
What I dislike immensely are comments from high profile plus size women such as Ashley Graham who with one hand tell us how beautiful being plus size can be and on the other appear to be ashamed of being referred to as plus size.   It’s appears quite contradictory and not at all empowering to me.
BM: Wow! We agree! So then, who are your influences? Who would you want to share some drinks with? RGB3
RGB: My biggest influences are women who aren’t afraid to say it like it is: Georgina Horne (, Cynthia Ramsay Noel (, Danie Vanier ( and Sarah Chiwaya ( spring to mind, as well as writers like Amanda Kate Richards (@amandakater).  I love women who appear to have the same struggles as me, women who don’t gloss over the fact that sometimes it is hard to be a plus size woman, or just a woman, or just a functioning adult.
I’d love to share a few drinks with any of these ladies – or anyone actually!  I do not discriminate in my blog/instagram drink dates.
BM: Lastly, Ms. Gee Bee. As we always like to ask, why are you BOLD?
RGB: I’m not sure I would describe myself as bold or unique. But I like to think I am an every-woman.   I hope that women can relate to my fashion and style because it’s practical and not overly complex or glamourous.  I will never perfect my eyeliner but I’ll show you how I got it wrong and laugh about it.  I don’t know that it makes me unique but hopefully refreshing.

As suggested, since Gee Bee’s blog is picture heavy, so is ours today!

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Graham and Holiday: Are either of these typical plus size women?

Bold Magazine has been covering plus sized models, actresses, and singers, since 2008. But, there’s an amazing revolution happening in the plus size world!

The average women is between a size 12 and 14 in the US. The average shopper actually doesn’t buy a size 14. It is the least purchased size in retail stores. But, the American public seems to be obsessed with the new plus size trend. The two women who at the helm of this frenzy are Ashley Graham, Dress Size 16, and Tess Holiday, Dress Size 22. Ashley_Graham_(model)_2014

In the coming weeks, we’ll be discussing a number of bloggers, models, and fashionistas who are all covering the plus size beat. Some have been sensationalizing it in the media. Others, even fetishizing it. But, what does the plus sized woman look like? Act like? Feel like? We seem to think that Ashley Graham and Tess Holiday have epitomized what it is to be plus for us. Why? Do other models and actress epitomize what it is to be a woman?

Do you consider yourself Plus Sized? If so, what size are you?

View Results

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As we met up with all of these ladies, we had a very important question to ask them:

Does being a plus sized woman preclude being just…. a woman?

And, we ask that same question of our readers. Does being plus define you? Does it compare to your role at your job? At home? Does it compete with your gender? Race? Religion? Other demographics? It’s important to begin asking these questions as the plus size community grows.

Amy Schumer had an interesting stance for/against the plus size community. She didn’t want to be defined as plus sized. Some say it’s because she did not want to be included in that size category. Others say that she was standing up for females who may have the wrong connotation in mind when they see her and hear the words “plus sized.”

Tess-Holliday-Bikini-HashtagBut, there is this odd unspoken (sometimes spoken) debate around that term. Plus sized… it almost creeps me out just to hear it. Why are we using that phrase so often now? Are the same women who were larger than average in 1995 now a different type of woman because they are plus sized? What is the big deal about being plus?

And, more importantly, when are we going to have more than two mass media role models to wear our clothes?



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