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About BOLD


Bold Magazine focuses on women’s issues with research backed articles, original interviews, and market research.  You might remember Bold Magazine from your blog-browsing in which the media powerhouse covered everything from Fastpitch softball to plus size fashion. Re-entering the already flooded media market, we’d like to offer a new spin on current issues. Our old mantra stands true:

At BOLD, you’re not a size, shape, or color. Your clothes are not from anywhere but your dresser drawer. And being “cool” just means being yourself.

Stay BOLD by informing yourself of the major issues.

Bold inspires.

BOLD Magazine strives to showcase positive role models for young women, regardless of shape, size, ethnicity, or societal stature. We promote confidence, strength, and self esteem. Our goal is to empower young women to be themselves through encouraging and engaging media, informational evidence backed articles, and market research.

So, go ahead. Be You. Be BOLD!

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