Bold Resources: Quit Alcohol

Following up on our resource, we were intrigued to find out how many folks who suffer from eating disorders also abuse substances.

Well, Krista Graham and her middle school student found us another great resource:

Don’t forget to check out “Bold Resource” page for more and Contact Us if you want to help!


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Bold Resources: Recovery Pride

Hey there! We’re still hammering away at our “Bold Resources” page and check out what we found!


Did you know that in the U.S. (, 20 million women and 10 million men will experience an eating disorder, and almost half ( them will also abuse drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, despite this comorbidity, many people who struggle with these illnesses will not receive the treatment they need.

At, they break down the stigmas that often prevent people from getting the help they desperately need by providing resources and other information to help educate the public. One specific area in which we’re hoping to raise awareness is regarding the connection between eating disorders and substance abuse.

Have a Bold Resource you want to add? Contact us! And, be BOLD!



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Bold Resources: Diva Row and Celestine Burrow

Hey Bold Readers! We’ve been updating our “Bold Resources” pages recently. And, look what we’ve come across!

Celestine Burrell, creator of Diva Row, has combined her passion for fashion and many years of experience with sewing to launch the fashion line Diva Row. Diva Row is a line tailored to and for women of all shapes, sizes and curves with a desire to wear the latest fashion trends while still exuding confidence, grace, and class at affordable prices.Women who wear Diva Row know the value of wearing timeless fashion trends and the confidence felt from wearing clothes that serve their curves well. Curvy. Sexy. Confident.: That’s their motto!

Well, we sat down with Celestine Burrell and had a quick Q & A. Their mission is to provide women of the world with inspirational clothing that accentuates the curvy, sexy, and confident. And, we love that! So, let’s dive right in!

Bold Magazine: So, let’s start from the beginning. How did you start Diva Row and why?

Celestine: I started Diva Row three years ago. I’ve been sewing for many years and I noticed a trend with a lot of my women clients. They averaged a size 14 and had curvy figures. They wanted clothing that would accentuate their looks and make them feel great. So, I felt it would be a great idea to expand by coming up with a clothing line Diva Row.

BM: So cool! How do you find your inspiration for your line?

C: I myself am also a plus-size lady and love to look and feel fabulous at all times. Inspiration came with experimenting on myself to see what works and listening to what clients say they would like to see more of. I’ve also been inspired by Mimi G. She is one of my favorite sewing/fashion bloggers. She keeps a fresh style.

BM: We’ve noticed your product list is small but of high quality. Is that what you’re going for? What’s the story here?

C: Yes, for now I prefer to keep a small but high quality line. I also do custom made orders for clients all over the world as well. They can either make modifications to the line that is there or ask for something totally different. Eventually I will be expanding to many different boutiques and that will require a much large line. As of now everything is custom-made. I never really want to lose that essence of the line being custom-made.

BM: And, what has the response to your line been so far?

C: So far the response has been overwhelmingly great. I’m surprised often at how well people from all over the world reach out to me about making them a dress or ordering off of the website. I’m so thankful and blessed for all the support.

BM: What are the biggest challenges in designing clothing for “women of all sizes?”

C: The  biggest challenge is finding designs that I feel as though every woman of every size will feel her absolute best in. But it is something that is accomplished every month. Every month you can find new looks.

BM: Well, that’s awesome. Where do you see your brand heading?

C: I see us expanding to several boutiques in the US and the world that specialize in the custom-made clothing line for women. Women can go and shop the line or order a custom-made piece. There’s nothing more refreshing than knowing something was made just for you!

BM:  So, Celestine, what’s the best part about designing clothing for all sizes?

C: The best part is the happiness of a client when they have found the dress that fits them perfectly better than anything they have ever purchased out of a department store. I look forward to sharing this with women everyday all over the world.

BM:  Love it. What is your top seller?

C: At the moment our top sellers are the Glam Wrap Dress, Goddess Halter Dress and the Red Vixen Dress
BM: Where can we find your brand other than on your site?
C: The brand is exclusive to our site at the moment, but in the very near future we will be in local department stores in the Southeast and Chicago areas.

BM: Lastly, what makes you BOLD?

C: What makes Diva Row bold is the willingness and want for women all over the world to feel their absolute best about themselves no matter their size. Diva Row spreads positivity with the motto Curvy.Sexy.Confident. The size you are today is temporary for most whether its your best or just where you are today you deserve to feel and look fabulous at all times.


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Bold Resources: The InkWell

Hey Bold Readers!

Here’s a great resource for you!

As a woman, specifically a mom, have you ever wondered how you can balance your family life with your family life? So did Manon DeFelice, founder of Inkwell. From their website, Inkwell is a global flexible staffing innovator focused on helping startups, small to mid-sized businesses, and nonprofits thrive. We provide a revolutionary resource: an exclusive pool of highly-accomplished candidates, with a special focus on extraordinary women. 

5% of Inkwell’s proceeds go to their nonprofit partners who work to promote girls’ education initiatives around the world.

This is a pretty extraordinary company! So Cool!

Need some part time help? Check out their services!

Want  to join their team? Here you go!

And, of course, if you lose the link to their site, go to our Bold Resources page and check them out!

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Be Prepared KitOur friends at Be Prepared Period in conjunction with Mom In Training and Rafflecopter have put together a great end-of-the-summer giveaway:

Win it: One lucky reader will win a Be Prepared Period Kit. This giveaway will end September 10th at 12:01 AM EST. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email. If no response, a new winner will be chosen. Open to residents of the US.

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Don’t worry. If you miss this one, Bold Magazine will be hosting our own giveaway just like this to make sure you are prepared!

Would you rather be right or happy?

Confrontation is an inevitable part of life. At work, in our romantic relationships, with friends and family and even with that annoying customer service representative who doesn’t seem to be listening. No one is going to agree with you 100% of the time, unless their brain is turned off.

Confrontation doesn’t have to be detrimental  to our relationships. It can be an opportunity for growth, change and understanding. Something all of us could use. Especially in a time when we use technology to communicate most of our needs.  It’s turning us into text messagey/ facebook fighters.  And it is impossible to get someone’s tone, nonverbal cues or a general feel for how you’re doing in the conversation if it’s just a bunch of misspelled words on your cell phone screen.

So when is it worth it to confront an issue? And how can you do it, without damaging the relationship or your self-respect?

In her book I Hate Conflict: Seven Steps to Resolving Differences with Anyone in Your Life, Lee Raffel, MSW outlines the following key questions to ask yourself:

  1. What is the purpose of your confrontation?
  2. What do you hope to gain by confronting?
  3. How do you anticipate others will respond if you politely confront them?
  4. In the event of a confrontation, what outcome are you seeking?

It is important to remember the original purpose of why you need to confront someone in the first place. Make sure you are looking to talk about one concrete and current thing! Leave the past in the past. It’s not fighting fair if the reason you are talking now is because your partner won’t help around the house but you bring up that time he didn’t look at you the right way 6 months ago.

Focus on coming to some agreement, not winning. The goal of confrontation is to bring about a change, not to make the other person feel bad. When you go into “battle,” have in mind some of the things you are willing to negotiate.  Compromise is essential. You can and should agree to disagree sometimes. Being accepting of someone else’s requests in a conversation and being flexible now, could result in the other person being more willing to agree to your terms later on.

Below is an assertiveness script I use with my patients that can help you to organize your thoughts.

  • STEP 1: “I think”- This statement should be referencing facts or observations you are making about someone’s behavior.  The key is to make sure that it is non-judgmental in nature.
  • STEP 2: “I feel”- this is where you would use an “I” message about YOUR feelings regarding the person’s behavior. “I” messages allow you to take ownership of your feelings, without attacking or criticizing the other person. This is not to be confused with a “you” statement. “You” statements pass judgement and blame onto the other person.
  • STEP 3: “I want”- This is the place where you gently share the 1 specific, measurable behavior change you are looking for right now. This should be about behaviors and not attitudes. You simply cannot change someone’s world view.  Imagine how hard it is to change your habits. It’s impossible to change someone else.
  • STEP 4: “Self care statement”- This is the optional part, where you get to tell the other person what you will do to take care of yourself or your needs if they can’t comply with your request.

An example of all of this put together would look like this:

A wife is increasingly more frustrated because her husband is staying late at work and not letting her know when he’s on his way so she can start dinner. This is causing a problem, because she feels he is being inconsiderate and she wants him to be home to eat with her.

Wife: “I think you have been spending a lot more time at work without calling to say you’ll be late. I feel sad when you aren’t home when you say you will be. I would like for you to call me before 5 PM on work nights and give me an estimated time of arrival. If you are unable to let me know, I’ll make dinner for myself and have to leave you the leftovers to heat up for yourself.”

This opening statement can bring about a few different results, with more room for positive outcomes.  If done in a nonjudmental and assertive way, the husband may not have  realized how he is affecting his wife and can make the effort to change, to be more attentive. He may also need to say his own piece, about how work is important to him and he needs to stay late to get tasks accomplished. Notice that she is not name-calling or assassinating his character. She is taking ownership of her feelings, asking for something reasonable and maintaining her self-respect.  Which is a vital part of communicating effectively.


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