Your Guide to Semi-Extreme Couponing.

I don’t claim to be an “extreme couponer” by any stretch of the imagination… But every time I walk into a store with my fancy coupon binder I hear whispers and catch secret smiles from ladies that admire my efforts. Everyone I speak to about my little hobby says the same thing – “I try to clip coupons, but they always expire!”  Well friends, as a woman who works 40+ hours an average week, let me share a few secrets.

First of all – set realistic expectations. If you have seen the show “extreme couponing” on TLC you’ve felt the rush of watching these committed ladies strut away from their grocery stores with “hauls” of thousands of dollars worth of groceries for free.  If you listen closely, each one of these folks says the trip you are taking with them is their most intricate, planned trip to date. So,be realistic! Don’t expect to have these trips right away.  I look at it this way- if you use 1 more coupon today than you did yesterday, you’re saving!

If you are feeling overwhelmed in the beginning, don’t be discouraged! When I started I clipped coupons like a mad woman because I didn’t know how to use them in the store. I was stalling.  It wasn’t until my sister in law sat me down and planned my first trip with me that I got the bug.  After my first trip to CVS I ran home to share my spoils with my husband (most of which were for him anyway!).  From that point on, I’ve been hooked.

As I mentioned earlier – I don’t have all the time in the world to research deals. Here are my secret weapons that make couponing possible for me.  Check out the websites below for coupon match-ups, beginner tips, and up to the second deals! These ladies are committed to helping others on the hunt for a great deal.  They update their sites multiple times a day as well as posting to Twitter and Facebook.  It really makes coupon matching easy – it’s up to you to actually clip the coupons. – (for printing coupons to your personal printer)

I’m relatively new to the couponing scene myself so if you have any tips, tricks, or comments – please share!

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