RoseMarie Wilson, Detroit Poet

We recently sat down with Rosemarie Wilson, poetry writer and spoken word performer, to show off her BOLD. Rosemarie, a Detroit Michigan native, has been writing since she was in 2nd grade, when she won her very first poetry contest. She released her first collection, One Single Rose . . . Poetry Blossomed from a Rose Core, in March of 2009. Rose’s biggest challenge, since then, has been her reluctance to step on stage and perform her art in spoken word, a feat she says she has just recently overcome.

Then, it all seemed to click. “things really took off…Two months later I won two National Poetry Awards, New & Upcoming Poet of the Year and Poetry Author of the Year, my poems won 1st place in poetry contests and more people began to ask me to pen poems.”  Rose will be performing in a play, “Life in 4-Part Harmony” ( for the first time, this August and she recently finished filming for a scene in a Detroit based comedy (which hits theaters, this Fall).  She’s currently nominated as Poetry Author of the Year for a second year in a row–winners will be announced on August 20, 2011 in Dallas, Texas.

Rosemarie enjoys the release of writing and recalls the feeling of anger she felt in 4th grade every time she reads her poem, “Red” which she recently recited during a Poetically Speaking Detroit event at the Boll Theater in Detroit.
“I love to write inspirational pieces,” says Rosemarie.
When asked of one of the most inspirational times she’s had as a writer, Rosemarie had this to say:
“In 2008, a year before the collection was released, a teen from Montana read one of my Myspace blogs wherein I gave a little advice to troubled teens.  She had considered suicide before reading my blog.  The goal I had for the collection was to reach at least one person.  My goal was met before my book dropped.  Although she says I saved her life, she is continually a blessing to me!”

This is Rosemarie Wilson, and this is her BOLD! 

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