The Real Victory is for Women's Soccer as the sport gains popularity

Monchengladbach, Germany– After a grueling win against the top rated Brazilian team, the USA Women’s national team is lined up to play France’s  Les Bleues on July 13th. While we’re not sports critics, all arrows seem to point to the US team to hold on to their winning streak, here. While both teams are coming off of tough wins (France beat England in the same penalty-kick fashion as the US beat Brazil).

“We are feeling good,” says USA midfielder Megan Rapinoe. “We are riding a high wave of confidence right now. France is an excellent team. They put on a great show against England and threw them out the tournament, kept the ball well and played an attractive style. I think it’s going to be a pretty good game”

For the non-soccer-experts like us, you need to be equipped with some basic knowledge of this important game. So, let’s break it down as best we can for you:

What’s At Stake: A place in the World Cup finals, which the US team has been in twice before in the past 2 decades

Style Differences: The US team seems to capitalize on their physical stamina, looking for long balls to outrun their opponents as well as spreading the ball to different scorers. France does the opposite, using quick movements and possessions to win their games

Players to Watch: Louisa Necib, Gaetane Thiney and Marie-Laure Delie (France) and for the US, Megan Rapinoe and
Abby Wambach

Keys to the game: Goalkeeping for both sides

One Word to Describe France’s Team: Finesse

One Word to Describe the US Team: Mentality

The Real Victory: As women’s soccer becomes more popular across Europe and the United States, any game this publicized becomes a true WIN for female athletics.

Side Note: The US team is currently undefeated against France’s soccer team. July 10th’s win against Brazil was also touted as one of the most dramatic wins in soccer history!

ESPN 3 will begin their broadcast of France vs. USA at 11:30 a.m. ET. The game begins at 12 noon!