Tara Bruley, CEO of Be Prepared Period

MARYSVILLE, WA– What started as a way to help her teenage daughter, Mikayla, became a full fledged online business for Tara Bruley. The premier product at www.bepreparedperiod.com, the Be Prepared Period Kit for $17.99 includes a sequined travel bag, a heat patch for cramp relief, four pads with wings, two panty liners, two feminine wipes, a keychain with a spot to store medicine and two booklets:

“Understanding How Your Daughter is Changing: What’s Happening in Her Body?” includes information for parents who want to talk to their girls about their new phase of life, plus answers to numerous questions.

“Helping You Through as Your Body Changes” provides answers written for girls, just the thing for parents who don’t feel comfortable having a big period discussion. It can also be a reference for girls to check later when they come up with questions they may not want to ask.

Founded Bruley, Be Prepared Period was created for two reasons: To provide a product that will help inform girls of what is happening to their bodies (with or without parent involvement) that would allow them to celebrate this change in their life without the awkwardness of it all and to offer an online option to purchase monthly supplies from the convenience of home.

Be Prepared Period offers a unique method of purchase for young women, mothers, or even fathers and husbands. “Our goal for the site is to change the way women buy their monthly feminine products,” Bruley said. “We offer a subscription option that allows customers to sign up to receive their organic and non-organic products automatically every month without the hassle or embarrassment of going to the store. Convenience is king in a busy life, so offering an option that eliminates one more thing off the to-do list is one way we hope to help.” The kit bags come in assorted color combinations of black and pink, turquoise and gold, black and silver, or copper and silver.

Recently, we were blessed with the opportunity to sit down with such a forward thinking mother and business woman in Bruley:

Bold Magazine: Tara, What is your greatest passion?
Tara Bruley: My greatest passions would be family, traveling, learning new things and volunteering.

BM: When did you decide you were going to create Be Prepared Period?

TB: In talking with many parents I realized that most of them felt the way I did, they needed guidance when it came to discussing puberty with their daughter and they weren’t really sure how to go about it. It is unfortunate that with school budget cuts everywhere, this is not something we can count on to be covered in school. I fear puberty education being cut from curriculum will be a growing trend and more and more girls will go without the information they need to feel comfortable with the coming changes in their body. Many parents worry that their daughters will not get correct information, but do not necessarily feel comfortable having this kind of talk with them (at least without a little assistance). This was something I wanted to help with.

The more women I talked with, the more I realized there were other period needs. Another common issue I heard was the need for convenience when it comes to buying and having feminine products every month when you need them. A problem caused by both busy schedules and the shy factor that many women face when purchasing a product that they feel is more private and personal. There are so many services that offer subscriptions, we thought, “Why not have a subscription plan for something that women actually need every month?” We knew we could help girls, women and parents Be Prepared for these moments and that is how the site was born.

BM: What is the next step for Be Prepared Period?

TB: [We’ve] really met a lot of wonderful people and organizations along the way. We feel very fortunate to have found organizations such as Bold Magazine and You ARE Loved that empower and educate women on important topics. While our site provides services and products to help make life a little more convenient it is important that we also provide information and resources for women and parents with questions. To accomplish this we are currently rebuilding the website to be more “information friendly” and to provide a place for girls, women and parents to share and discuss their own experiences and questions. Recently partnering with You-ARE-Loved.org a non profit, together we are also hoping to raise awareness of the dangers of Toxic Shock Syndrome and promote the importance of early puberty education.

BM: OK, what is your biggest dislike?

TB: Honestly, not a lot bugs me or drives me crazy. If I had to say something… I guess it would have to be negativity. For every bad there is good, it is just take effort to sometimes find it and then push yourself in that direction. Life is so muchmore rewarding when you can stay positive.

BM: OK, Tara. Can you show us your “Bold?”

TB: I believe many of us share a lot of the same qualities, but what makes us more unique is which ones are more distinct. One of my more stronger qualities is my desire to learn new things. Never being afraid to find answers to questions I don’t know has enabled me to learn and experience a lot of new things while meeting some terrific people.

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