Lady Gaga Interviewed with Howard Stern, Today!

Hopefully, by now, we have all heard a clip or two of Lady Gaga on July 18th Howard Stern Show. If not, listen below:

Lady Gaga Interview

Now, you should know that we, at Bold Magazine, are HUGE fans of Lady Gaga and her bravery. But, after all of the insults from Stern to Gaga, (see below), we are so PROUD that she went on the show:

Stern has referred to Lady Gaga as an “#*&^hole,” “boring” and “a complete !*$&*@ idiot”–all in the past few months. Stern also trashed Gaga’s in-utero arrival at the 2011 Grammy Awards in a giant, translucent green egg:

“Do you think Jimi Hendrix, Cream and the Stones would need to arrive in an egg?” seethed Stern in February 2011.”

Some of the content of the interview is a little R rated. But, Lady Gaga really took on the media mogul like an absolute champion and BOLD woman. And, then she performed her song, “Hair” for the Shock Jock.

So, we salute you Lady Gaga for being an absolutely INCREDIBLE role model for young women and for showing us all how you can take on such an intimate interviewer with class!

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