At Bold Magazines, there are so many inspiring women for you to read about, model after, and contact. But, more importantly, it’s about you!

From time to time, we like to provide our readers with great resources to check out whenever they need anything from a new dress to a new career and everything in between. You can find them on our resources page as well as our delicious account (ahem…yup, shameless plugs). Today, we introduce Adios Barbie.

Adios Barbie is a great collection Articles, Body-Positive Resources, and partnering organizations. Founded by Pia Guerrero and Ophira Edut and edited by Sharon Haywood, it hosts upwards of six different writers writing articles on topics ranging from racial equality and plus sizes to disability and self esteem.

Wrapped in a fun pink theme, with references to lots of pop culture (their latest article discusses movie “Real Women Have Curves” with America Ferrara and singer Beth Ditto) and a cute tie in with dolls, it’s amazing how Adios Barbie addresses such important issues. They really have a knack for writing, a wonderful appeal, and are an absolute necessity for your bookmark list.

You can find more information about Adios Barbie below: