#11 Shannon Doepking, Latest NPF Defensive Player of the Week, from NPF Site

One of the biggest challenges at Bold Magazine is finding quality news and events just for women. So, in an effort to write about some new athletes, we have been searching for professional softball players. And, what we found was not good.

There’s hardly anything on the web regarding news and events for pro softball! This sport is not getting enough attention. The premier league, National Pro Fastpitch, only has four teams currently playing. This is a re-branded league, which came about in 2004. It had gone through a few other names, if you remember it by another. When we did a few google searches, we found more information on defunct and current men’s leagues. What’s going on here, ladies?

This is obviously not the NPF’s fault. I don’t know if it’s anyone’s fault. But, if we want this league to grow, we need to WATCH, READ, and DEMAND more coverage on TV.

Right now, at the front of the website, is a donation page, hoping to insure the future of the league. How is it that with so many NCAA women’s softball teams, there are only 4 pro teams? One league? And, they are concerned about donations to remain in good standing? Let’s get with, ladies!

#11 Ashley Charters, Latest NPF Offensive Player of the Week, from NPF Site

Well, we’re not huge here at Bold. But, there’s got to be something we can do, right? Everyone reading this needs to visit the National Professional FastPitch Softball League and check them out. You can donate, watch games, find your favorite player, check the schedule, etc. If you can, donate. We’re certainly going to! We enjoy writing about inspirational female athletes. But, what happens when there are none left to write about?

C’mon everyone. Do something bold, today!