Hell Hath No Fury, Assassination City Roller Derby Championships are this Saturday!

Dallas, Texas- The undefeated Deadly Kennedys face off against the Lone Star Assassins this Saturday, July 23rd at the The Fair Park Coliseum at 6PM. What sport are we talking about, here? Roller Derby, of course. Assassination City’s premier Roller Derby league in Dallas is making big waves. Tickets for the event are just $15 for general seating and $18 for floor seats. And, the action is INCREDIBLE. Now, THAT’S bold!

Assassination City Roller Derby, LLC (or ACRD) was organized in early 2005 to combine the spectacle of roller derby and awesomeness. Now in their 6th season, they are rolling along and strong! They’ve got 4 teams, each with between 15 and 20 women as well as an All-Star team that travels all over the area to promote the sport.

Recently moving from  Dad’s Broadway Skateland in Mesquite, Texas to their new home in The Fair Park Coliseum, these ladies have started to pick up the pace. And, we’re not just talking about their skate speed, we’re talking about their popularity! 

With names like the Bombshell Brigade and flashy costumes, these women are just as much about entertainment and show-womanship as they are about beating the heck out of each other. But, this is no fake. This is real, live, action! We’ve put together a slide show of these awesome derby divas! You can check them out at http://acderby.com for more information. Here’s your slideshow! 

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