National Pro Fastpitch

For those of you BOLD readers like me who played softball growing up, this league is a dream come true…

With a small but mighty organization, the 4 teams making up the league travel 2.5 months out of the year to play more than 40 games. On some occasions the same two teams will play as many as eight times in 11 days! MLB (major league baseball) has NOTHING on these ladies!

All 4 teams hail from east of the Mississippi River in Chicago, Akron, Nashville, and Kissimmee. Approximately 100 players make up the talent that hold these coveted positions. With Softball recently being elimianated from the olympics, this is the only option for some players who may not be able to play at the same level IF softball were to be reinstatedby the olympic comittee in the future.

The deciding games of the league’s championship series, Aug. 18-21 in Sulphur, La., will be broadcast to a national audience on ESPN2 and ESPN3. There has been talk about the league expanding next season — possibly even to the West Coast. We at BOLD will be watching! We love the idea of a professional outlet for girls to aspire to be a part of. So many time we as a society connect professional sports figures with male athletes or solely Olympian athletes.

We caught a game on TV recently and immediately recalled the years of memories made on the diamond. Visit the link below to see the Pro Fast Pitch game schedule for the rest of the summer and make sure to put it in your line up![v]=graphical&frm[d]=2011-06-1