Liz Carmouche, Zuffa's First Openly Gay Fighter, lost to Sara Kaufman

Las Vegas, NV– To briefly recap Friday’s Strikeforce Challengers 17 Main Card bout between Sarah Kaufman and Liz Carmouche, Kaufman won. Kaufman won, big time. It was a unanimous 30-27 point decision after a pretty one sided dominant beating. But, that might have been expected with Carmouche being a huge underdog to Kaufman, the former 135 pound Strikeforce Champion.

Instead of giving you the play-by-play, here is a list of all of the winners during the women’s match on July 22nd:

Winner #1: Sara Kaufman- This win further solidifies Kaufman as the next #1 contender after July 30th (when our friend Miesha Tate fights Marloes Coenen for the title).

Winner #2: Liz Carmouche- As a young fighter, Carmouche has fought two incredibly talented veteran fighters in Coenen and Kaufman this past year. although they were both losses, she has really made a name for herself.

Winner #3: Women’s Mixed Martial Arts- More and more female fights are on Strikeforce’s main cards, now. Next week’s Women’s Welterweight title fight is the second to the last fight of the night, just before the main event. While the main event of the Strikeforce event on July 30th is not a title fight, it is between two MMA legends, one of them being the Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion, Dan Henderson.

Winner #4: The Gay Community– So many excellent evens in favor of the gay community happened, this weekend. Today was the first day of legalized gay marriage in New York State. And Friday became the first time that an openly gay fighter fought under the Zuffa label. Liz Carmouche, is that fighter (after having to hide her sexual identity for years as a US Marine). This is the first time she’s fought since the Zuffa purchase of Strikeforce.

Winner #5: Bold Magazine- We seriously love writing about bold women!

Look for more WMMA coverage after next week’s Strikeforce event on July 30th!