Julia Roberts' Lancome Advertisement

The Beauty and Fashion industries are definitely no strangers to touching up advertisements. But, over the past few years, and particularly in the past 12 months, there has been a lot of scrutiny over touched up advertisements. The claim by groups like the Advertising Standards Authority is that these advertisements, which show an unrealistic depiction of beauty, really hurt the body image, self-esteem, and mentality of young women.

You can see the latest article we found on yahoo! HERE. The basic scoop is that the two ads from Lancome and Maybelline featuring Julia Roberts (who we love, by the way. Sorry, Julia!) and Christy Turlington are VERY touched up. This is normally not such a big deal, so long as the Advertising Standards Authority can retrieve a copy of the original photo to illustrate how much the photo has been touched up. However, the companies in question are not providing this information. Therefore, the ASA has the right to pull these advertisements from production.

Well, you know our stance, I’m sure. We even get upset when our McDonald’s cheeseburgers don’t look like the pictures! Has everyone seen our editorial on the Yoplait Commercial? Or our Curvy Celebrity editorial? (Self promotion is so shameless, isn’t it?) But, rather than bore you with you opinion, what’s yours? Weigh in below! And, BE BOLD!