Eves Ferriera, The Curvy Girl Revolution

Awesome Bold Woman alert! We ran into Eves Ferriera of the Curvy Girl Revolution, last week. The Curvy Girl Revolution (or CGR) is all about building confidence in young curvy women. Why curvy and not plus or full figured? You’ll have to read on to find out!

Eves is a young blogger out of Miami, Florida, with a passion for fashion and an eye for design. Check out the full Q & A session, below!

Bold Magazine:  Tell us about the Curvy Girl Revolution. What’s it all about?

Eves Ferreira: Curvy Girl Revolution is all about confidence, love, positivity and self-acceptance for Curvy Girls, and of course, cute clothes on a budget.

BM: We noticed a lot of great inspirational curvy women on your blog. Who are the ones you look up to most?

EF: Recently there have been some amazing women representing curvy girls in fashion, like Fluvia Lacerda and Denise Bidot, but I always loved the women who rocked it before it was cool.  Mia Tyler is one of my favorites, and right now I’m madly in love with Adele.

BM:  What’s behind the phrase curvy? Why not plus sized or full figured?

EF: I’ve always preferred Curvy, to me it sounds sexier, and more honest. Full Figured sounds outdated, and Plus size just never really vibed with me.

BM:  Tell us about yourself, Eves. What inspired you to start the Curvy Girl Revolution? When did this idea come about?

EF: I’m a 30-something rocker chick born and raised in Brooklyn, NYC, currently living in Miami. I have regular 9-5, but always dreamed of being a writer.  In my 20’s I struggled quite a bit with my identity and my weight, trying every diet under the sun to force myself into a single digit size. Finally I realized that I was wasting time being negative and making myself sick trying to fit into a persona that just wasn’t me, and from then on worked on myself to remove any negative thinking and self-sabotage. I was thrilled to see the gradual acceptance of Curvy women in fashion and all the curvy friendly sites that were popping up, which didn’t exist in my 20’s! It was amazing, and I wanted to be part of it, to start a site from the perspective of someone that’s been there, and have felt how they felt, struggling to find herself quite literally in a world she doesn’t fit in. So if one young girl reading CGR can leave feeling better about herself and the fact that she’s part of a sisterhood that is refusing to sit quietly, then I’ve done my part.

BM:  Aside from the CGR, what else do you enjoy doing?

EF: I love shopping, reading books and hanging out with my family, I have an amazing 13 year old daughter that takes up alot of my time these days.

BM:  Where do you see the Curvy Girl Revolution going in the future?

EF: Oh I’m so excited for CGR’s future, because not only am I doing something I love and believe in, but I can already see the positive effect it’s having on my readers, and that makes me so happy, so I’m very excited about what’s to come!

BM:  What’s the goal at hand?

EF: I’m hoping to eventually have guest contributors write articles for the site, and also to have some revamping done.  I’m not very technical and wish I can do more to make the site move visually appealing.

BM: We saw some inspirational pictures on your Friday post. Does this happen every Friday? Is there a format you follow or are your posts made of whatever inspired you that day?

EF: I try to follow a semi-flexible format, but to be honest, it’s more about what’s inspiring me at that moment.  Sometimes I come across something that I HAVE to share and I know my readers will appreciate.  It’s still a fairly new site, so there’s still plenty of evolving for CGR.

BM: Do you consider yourself a Curvy Girl? 

EF: I am definitely a Curvy Girl, have been all my life, and it took a long time to own it and love myself enough to accept that this is me, and what makes me different also makes me unique and beautiful.

BM: What advice do you have for other women in your position? How about the next generation of Curvy Girls growing up? 

My only advice to ALL women, regardless of size, and this is something I always tell my daughter, is to LOVE and be kind to yourself.  We sometimes don’t even realize how brutal we can be on ourselves.  Would we treat our best friend with cruelty or look down on her if there was something different about her? So when did it become ok for us to do this to ourselves?  Be your own best friend, it’s amazing how much more love you will receive.  We have the power to change the perception of low self-worth and value just because of our size. It’s already happening, and it’s freaking people out, which is a beautiful thing.

BM: Do you have any fashion tips for our curvy readers?

EF: What I swear by when buying clothes is to always buy clothes that fit.  You’d be surprised how many women don’t do this. Forget about the size on the tag and try it on, make sure it fits and that you feel good in it, if it makes you smile in the fitting room and you can’t wait to wear it out, well it doesn’t get any better than that!



BM: Who are your favorite designers to wear and why?

EF: Designers I love and feel are contributing to the Curvy community are Yuliya Raquel for Igigi, Monif C., and Kiyonna.  For the Curvy Girl on a budget, I love Torrid.com, and Fashion to Figure.

BM: OK, now show us your BOLD

EF: My BOLD is definitely my honesty and optimism.  I always try to be my truest self, like or not…and it hasn’t failed me yet


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