Drop Dead Diva Airs Sundays at 9PM Eastern on Lifetime

Our new BOLD favorite show is Drop Dead Diva with Brooke Elliot. While we’ve got a great deal of back logging to review, here is a review of the 7/31 show!

We’ve been watching the show for years. It’s really starting to pick up some serious steam on Lifetie. So, we’ve finally spent some time really concentrating on Jane and her law battles! It’s a really awesome show. We’d have to say it’s a little disheartening to hear so many negative contrasts between the cute little blonde model (Deb) and the absolutely STUNNING Jane Bingum, played by Elliott. I mean, she’s a plus sized brunette with an incredible passion for law. Why does she get so down on herself when discussing her ex-fiance? Is it really that hard to believe that he’d fall in love with her? She’s not a slouch! She’s gorgeous! And, boy can she dress!

This Sunday, check out Jane as she faces her biggest challenge, this season: her mother! Drop Dead Diva airs Sundays at 9PM Eastern on the Lifetime Channel.

As promised, we’ll be reviewing previous seasons as well as each new episode as they come. Here is an episode recap from 7/31:

Parker informs Jane that she’ll be working on a murder case for the District Attorney for the next two weeks. When she arrives at the DA’s office, she’s greeted by Alan Roberts who seems to know more about Jane’s past than she does. As they go over the details of the case, Jane learns exactly what kind of relationship she had with Alan eight years ago when he unexpectedly kisses her!

Preoccupied with her case with the DA, Jane asks Grayson to help Stacy ward off Kim. In a meeting with Kim and her client, Stacy takes full responsibility for misleading her fans into buying merchandise she would never buy herself. Kim’s client agrees to drop the lawsuit after Stacy promises to give her honest opinions about the products she reviews from now on.

With new technology available, Jane and Alan hope to find closure on Elena Estrada’s murder after the case went cold eight years ago. During their interrogation of the prime suspect, Jane discovers he is innocent. Without any other suspects, the case goes cold. No longer co-workers, Robert asks Jane out to dinner and she accepts.

When Elena’s mother asks Jane not to give up on her daughter’s murder, Jane becomes determined to keep pursuing the case. Teri sets up a meeting between Jane and a witness who supposedly failed to meet with Alan eight years ago. The witness attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting where a man explained a dream he had about murdering a girl which details were synonymous with Elena’s murder. Jane is surprised to learn that not only was the man from the meeting, Nathan Persky, the same person Elena was going to meet the night she died, but also that Alan knew everything and had buried this information.

Stacy finds herself in court after the CEO of Pacific Holdings takes issue with her newfound honesty policy with their merchandise. When Pacific Holdings’ attorney presents a letter the company sent to Stacy alongside their merchandise stating, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything,” the judge recognizes Stacy’s breach of implied contract and orders her to remove her blog and return all merchandise.

Teri proves her P.I. skills by uncovering almost everything about Andrew Corwin, the man Kim’s been dating, including the fact that he’s been married for six years. Parker’s plan to be back in Kim’s good graces and to put an end to her relationship with this new information backfires when Kim tells him she’s aware that she’s dating a married man.  However, we soon find out that Kim’s strong front masked her genuine surprise when she later confronts Andrew and breaks up with him.

Jane receives a quick confession to murdering Elena from a regretful Nathan Persky. But as he signs his confession forms, Jane realizes his innocence when she sees him writing with his right hand, knowing the killer is left-handed. When she visits Nathan in jail and asks what he remembers from the night of the murder, she learns that Nathan saw the murder as a dream because he was drunk that night and actually watched through the pool house window as his father killed Elena.

Grayson calls Stacy to the firm to once again meet with the CEO of Pacific Holdings. Due to a campaign started by one of Stacy’s fans to send back all the merchandise they bought from the company, Pacific Holdings has decided to let Stacy continue her video blog.

With their case finally closed, Jane decides to officially end things with Alan. Accusing him of building his career by turning a blind-eye to the evidence, she threatens to end his career if he doesn’t resign himself.

Later that night, while Jane and Stacy have drinks to celebrate Stacy’s new internet success, Parker and Grayson show up to drown their relationship sorrows in alcohol. Stacy anonymously sends Grayson Deb’s old drink, hoping it will remind him of his love for Deb. Then she and Jane toast to the possibility that someday Grayson will look at Jane the way he looked at Deb.