Miley Cyrus tattooed her ring finger for equality

For those who haven’t heard, Miley Cyrus has chosen to express her feelings on same sex marriage in a unique way, by tattooing an equal sign on her ring finger. Same sex marriage has been something that we’ve been covering for weeks, now, especially since it has become legalized in New York State. So, we’re always interested in hearing about other advocates

Cyrus has caught a bit of backlash as well as praise regarding her new tattoo. This tattoo is the last of six tattoos Cyrus has gotten since she turned 17 (she is now 18). All are significant to Cyrus in that they represent events or emotions she’s had at the time of the inking. What do you think? Are you happy with her stance? Do you feel it could have been expressed differently? Are tattoos too permanent to represent an event or feeling? Vote below!