We’ve all got choices to make. For example, as we write this article, we’re deciding between snacking on chocolate milk or potato chips.

For Danica Patrick, her choices are a little more difficult in scope. NASCAR or Indy? Do you race for the die hard league of racers? Or the more commercially popular? It’s like asking an Olympic wrestler to join the WWE. OK, it’s definitely not that dramatic. But, many Indy racing fans feel that NASCAR is not nearly as genuine a racing experience while NASCAR fans debate that their sport is more sensationalized and superior.

We find them both pretty spectacular. More impressive is the fact that Danica Patrick, the most notable female race car driver, to date, is competing at the top level in both leagues.

The decision, now, is to figure out where she wants to spend more of her time. Patrick has decided, though, that 2012 is not the year to do so. She has stated that she’d like to compete in more NASCAR Nationwide Circuit races, pulling away to race in the Indy 500, the most coveted of Indy Races. In 2009, Patrick finished in 3rd place, her best finish to date!

Patrick should be racing for JR Motorsports, owned by Dale Earnhart Jr. and his sister. The deal is set to close, shortly.