Tisha Rodrigues, Women's MMA Fighter

When Tisha Rodrigues started Muay Thai training as a way to stay in shape, she never thought she could turn it into life after her retirement. But, she did, transitioning from Figure Competition superstar to professional Mixed Martial Artist. “The fighting stole my heart,” says Rodrigues, “and it was a wrap!”

Now, “The Lil’ Bully” is preparing for her first professional MMA fight, this Fall.  While she doesn’t have an official fight set up, Rodrigues has been training, non-stop. Coming off of two injuries, she doesn’t let it phase her. “It sorta comes with the territory,” she says. And Rodrigues definitely keeps that fighter’s edge. “I wanna win, I’m very competitive.”

When asked how she got the nickname, “Lil’ Bully,” Tisha said “I don’t let the guys push me around, I’m extremely aggressive.”

Rodrigues cites fighters like George Saint Piere, Anthony Pettis, and B.J. Penn as some of her favorite fighters. Marloes Coenen and Megumii Fugi are her top female inspirations.

When she’s not in fight camp, Rodrigues trains 6 days a week, ranging from heavy lifting, to cardiovascular conditioning. And, of course, she fights.

But amidst all of the injuries, training, and transitioning from a 7 year 4 award-winnind fitness competitor to amateur and professional mixed martial artist, Rodrigues is psyched to take on the world of Women’s MMA. Many magazines and MMA analysts are calling her the “the next great fighter.” And, she believes it, too, telling Bold Magazine that nobody an stand in her way but herself! “You’re always your own biggest challenge..theres nothing I can’t overcome..bring it on!”

When asked about her BOLD, Tisha Replied:

“I never want to fit any mold..I’m pretty sure I’m good at keeping people guessing what I’ll do next. I’m just me. [I’m] not going to change for anyone, fight for anyone or ever stop saying what I want and standing up for what I believe in. I hope Im’ very unique..anything less is overrated.”

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Check her out at www.thelilbully.com