We recently posted a notable quotables article from some bold athletes. See two of them comparing female and male athletes, below:

“We’re seeing too many hopes about one girl doing a double. All these people are like ‘Why aren’t these girls doing another 360?’ I think women as a whole tend to think about situations more and weigh the risks and the rewards. Women are how much more likely to blow out their knees than men? We’re  supposed to hit these same jumps when our bodies are built complete different and our muscle mass is different than men’s ? You have a lot of people expecting us to perform the same way. We’re trying! But’s never going to be equal.” – Sarah Burke, Freestyle Skier

 “I wish more people would respect the women’s game as its own entity and not be so quick to pit us against the NBA. Maybe we’re just different, and maybe it’s just as special and valuable. We’re 15 years old, and we’ve done a great job so far. We thought cars would fly before women dunked.” – Candice Wiggins, Minnisota Lynx

What do you think? Do you agree with Burke? Or Wiggins? How do female and male athletes measure up?

How good does a female athlete have to be before we just call her an athlete?- Author Unknown