Be Prepared Kit

Be Prepared Period has the COOLEST little kit that all ladies need! We love it because it’s great for parents to share with their daughters, or for moms to use themselves!

Thinking back to your first experiences with womanhood, was it a celebration or a confusing time? My mom did a great job giving me the supplies I needed and answering the questions. This Kit is a wonderful supliment to these conversations. After taking some time with the Be Prepared Period Kit, there are a few reasons why I LOVE this idea!

First – it gives very basic options of supplies. Even as an adult I find it very overlming to pick out femenine products… There are more options than buying a car and some of them would be very confusing if you didin’t have someone to explain it to you! You can choose a maxi or a liner, wings or no wings,thin, regular, extra long, over night, light, medium, heavy, special cuts, different brands, cardboard applicator, plastic applicator, no applicator at all! The list goes on and on. 

The Be Prepared Period Kit contains the following great items!:
1 Heat Patch for up to 12 hours of cramp relief
4 Regular, Individually wrapped Pads with wings
2 Pantiliners
2 – Always Wipes-t0-Go (feminine Wipes).
1- Safe Spot Key Chain – A great place to store your medicine or jewelry on the go.
A Guide for Girls: Answers and the Straight Facts You Need.
A Guide for Parents With Directions and Answers to Your Questions and Hers.

With this specific collection of supplies, The Be Prepared Period Kit simplifies this very confusing time.

Secondly – The beautiful packaging of the Be Prepared Period Kit makes this look like a beautiful gift for a girl entering into womanhood. What a wonderful way to embrace this moment in young woman’s life and make it a celebration instead of an uncomfortable conversation. Think of the special moment a daughter and parent can share opening this box together!

Thirdly – Be Prepared Period has taken the fumbling out of the conversation. The Kit includes literature to open the conversation about these natural changes as well as supplying literature geared towards the girl so that she can do her own research.

Lastly – Do you remember having to discreatly put your pad, etc in your pocket and being self concious that it was SO obvious that you were running to the bathroom with a buldging pad in your pocket? Be Prepared Period Kit comes with a super cute wristlet that is totally trendy! We know the key to being yourself is being comfortable and this wristle allows girls to be discrete and confident.

 With this kit, you and your girl will Be Prepared! What started as a way to help her teenage daughter, Mikayla, became a full fledged online business for Tara Bruley. Check out Bruely’s story and some of the other things her company offers in our previous post:
 Tara Bruley Wants You To Be Prepared!

To purchase your Be Prepared Period Kit and check out other cool offerings check out their website: