Wow, wow, wow! Have we found  site for you? YES! is your ABSOLUTE resource for all things plus size. From magazines and publications, to clothing stores and blogs, these guys are IT. We’ve been all over the web searching for a comprehensive site that’s got everything you need for a plus size lifestyle. And, it’s not a bad color scheme if we do say so, ourselves! 😉

We could write a marathon about this site. Plus for us features gobs of great sites for the plus size woman. They even have their own blog, Glamorsized. It truly is an incredible experience.

We got a chance to sit down with Michyl Collins, Chief Operating Officer of Plus For Us. We are so impressed with the way she runs her plus sized business. Before we even got a chance to finish this article, we were already listed in their magazine section! You must check them out at ASAP. In the meantime, check out our Q & A with Michyl Collins of Plus for Us.

Bold Magazine, Michyl, How do you find the resources for plus for us? 

Michyl Collins: Well, it all comes down to surrounding yourself with great people. My team is phenomenal!  We scour the internet everyday to find new stores, independent plus size blogs, models, and topics related to the full figured lifestyle.  A lot of the time though, we receive emails from companies or bloggers asking to get listed. We Love That!

 BM: Great! So, what’s new on the horizon? Any added features we haven’t seen? 

MC: We have so many new and exciting things coming out within the next 6 months including upgrades to our “Shopping Section”.  These features will really corner the market as far as giving our viewers the ultimate plus size shopping experience!  We will eventually bring every single full figured store from around the world right here into one convenient place…we think of ourselves as the “google” for all things plus size.

 BM: We love it! But, what’s the feedback been like so far? 

MC: The feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive! We have been very lucky to have the full support of the plus size community.  Also, we track our site with Google Analytics everyday to find out what works and what doesn’t work so we can keep growing in the right direction.

BM: Tell us about the blog, Glamorsized. What can we expect to see there? 

MC: The Blog section is one of the most visited pages on our site. I do my column entitled “Glamorsized” which by the way has its own site at I deal with a lot of style, fashion and modeling topics.  The great thing is that we extend an open invitation to every independent blogger listed on PFU to write a “Guest Blog” for us…there is so much talent in the full figured world and we try to showcase all of it!

BM: Incredible. What are your thoughts on plus size industry, in general? How are you making difference? 

MC: I think in the last 3 years it has made more progress than the last 30 years combined.  The clothes have much more style; there are high-end fashion shows, more voices and just an overall confidence in who we are.  I would love to see everyone in the plus size world work together and I think it’s going to happen eventually.  I love what BOLD is doing for the industry and check your site daily!  We need more sites like yours so that we keep the momentum going in the plus size world.

As far as Plus for Us goes and making a difference, I think we are an extremely unique concept in the plus size world.  We have been more focused on creating a great product than revenue at this point and I think that is what’s going to make us so successful.  One thing we agree on at ‘Plus For Us’ is that it’s not all about the money. We love what we do and are driven by passion!

BM: Tell us, Michyl, what’s your BOLD?

MC: I would have to say my drive, humbleness and exotic look is what makes me unique. I am beautiful on the inside and out and try to be supportive to all people.  I pride myself on being the best person I can be because I have dealt with discrimination due to my size also.

 BM: It’s been a pleasure, Michyl. You and Plus for Us are incredible!

 MC: Thank you, BOLD Magazine, for everything!

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