Another fun Mike and Molly episode with tons of smiles and a bunch of giggles.

In this epeisode, Molly buys Mike a pair of shnazzy snake skin cowboy boots because of a story he shared from his childhood. His new boots give him a new found confidence and inspire him to give a charismatic “share” at his Overeatters Annonymous meeting. A new member moved up from Texas comes over and introduces herself to Mike flirting shamelessly. Instead of being flattered and moving on, Mike introduces Molly as his “friend” and takes his new friend’s phone number, (with Molly’s pen) and agrees to be her sponsor. Of course an argument ensues and they spend the rest of their night seperate reflecting on their feelings for eachother. Both realize seperately that they are in love, but of course they tip toe around the issue and neither tells the other.

As always this episode was entertaining, silly, and had a bunch of laugh out loud moments.

Here are a few quotes that got a giggle from us!

Joyce: Hey Vin, oh you’re looking very handsome this evening.
Vince: Thanks, I had some fat sucked out of my neck waddle.
Joyce: Well, it’s nice – it really separates your shoulders from your head.
Vince: Hey we should probably shake a tail feather. The buffet already started and after about an hour the calamari starts looking like deep fried anuses. (exits)
Joyce: (turns to Molly and Victoria) I know he’s not your father but he treats me like a queen and you can crack walnuts on his johnson.

Molly: Wait a second, you’re dating my mother?
Vince: Hey old soup is still good if you heat it up.

Victoria: (watching the Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoons) I’m starting to think that dog is never going to catch that chicken.

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