Nikky Blonsky to join the cast of My Big Gay Italian Wedding

OK, so maybe we’re a little late to the party on this one. But, we just learned about it a few days ago from Nikki Blonsky’s twitter post. Plus, it’s kind of cool to be a little fashionably late, right?

My Big Gay Italian Wedding is moving from it’s off-Broadway location, at St. Luke’s Theatre, to Atlantic City’s Hilton Hotel and Casino on August 26th and 27th. And, who is joining them? Our own favorite bold woman, Nikki Blonsky! Blonsky will join the cast as Maria Pinnunziato, replacing Marissa Rosen. This is a fabulous casting job as Blonsky has the spunk and singing chops to keep this role going strong when it moves to AC. And, for those who don’t know, Blonsky is also big into equality and gay rights (definitely google images of her incredible NOH8 photo shoot). So, working with My Big Gay Italian Wedding is right up her ally! And, since we’re some serious Nikki Blonksy fans, it’s now up OUR ally!

Ms. Blonsky’s credentials date back to 2007 when she stared as the one and only Tracy Turnblad in the “Hairspray” remake. Most recently, she was the star of ABC Family’s “Huge” and guest starred in Men Alive’s (Orange County, CA Men’s Gay Chorus) “Greasy Hairspray!”

We’ve already started planning out our trip to Atlantic City to catch Blonsky and the rest of the cast so we can check it out…, we mean review the show, objectively. You can get your tickets at They start at just $45 a piece.  What a bargain! We’re unsure if the show continues into September. We don’t see any additional dates. But, we hope so and will be sure to keep you posted!

My Big Gay Italian Wedding, according to press notes, “focuses on two gay men as they plan their wedding and the people around them, including an overbearing Italian mother, a jealous ex-boyfriend, the wedding planner from Hell, and an assortment of family and friends.”

The production also features choreography by J. Austin Eyer, costume design by Philip Heckman and original music and lyrics by David James Boyd.