Jennifer Lopez to out-earn Steven Tyler as American Idol Judge

Well, we’re no strangers to women out-earning their partners! But, this is a lot of fun, too!

Here’s the scoop! Jennifer Lopez is definitely coming back to “American Idol” for a second season.

Series executive producer Nigel Lythgoe confirmed Lopez’s return on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show Wednesday morning. During a phone call to the show, Lythgoe settled the speculation, confirming, “I am delighted to say that all three judges, along with the brilliant host of ‘American Idol’ is back for the next season.”

Seacrest later noted on his Twitter account that auditions with all three judges would begin “in a couple of weeks.”

While Lythgoe was the first person to make Lopez’s return official, TheWrap reported last week that the “Love” singer had re-upped as a judge for the series for a princess-ly sum of just over $20 million, which is a significant pay raise over the $12 million that she’d previously taken in.

But while Lopez might be locked in, there may be trouble brewing with co-judge Steven Tyler. The Aerosmith frontman, who signed on for two seasons last year, is pretty ticked off over his relatively skimpy paycheck now, and is angling for a similar raise. Well, Tyler good luck. And in your words “Well hellfire, save matches, &^%* a duck and see what hatches!”

Randy Jackson has already committed to the next season. We think he’s “a little pitchy, Dawg.” But, we’re glad to see him return.

Don’t worry, Steven. There will always be a job for right here at Bold Magazine. Que the theme music: