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Tonight, we’re reviewing and recapping the 8/14 episode (He Said, She Said) of Drop Dead Diva. As always, we like to give a few of our thoughts on each episodeBy the way, check out our curvy celebrity gallery featuring Brooke Elliott, here!

First we’d like to note that Jane did not reference ONCE how inferior she is to Deb. Yay! In this episode, Jane Bingum is sassy, sexy, and so so smart! And, of course, she got to work with her former self’s beau, Grayson, which is a plus for her. And, the episode ended with Kristina’s favorite song (sarcasm), Good Life by One Republic.

Next week, Jane represents a former sorority-house mother who lost her entire savings at a local casino and wants to prove that the casino is responsible for the loss. Meanwhile, Parker and Kim represent a botanist who cultivated a rare flower and is now fighting her former employer, a museum, for the rights to the plant.

Drop Dead Diva airs Sundays at 9PM Eastern on the Lifetime Channel.

Here is an episode recap from8/14:

Jane and Grayson clash when Jane represents a college student who accuses someone from Grayson’s alma mater of date rape. Jane agreed not to sue the college’s star quarterback but not the college, itself.

As the case unfolds, Jane finds more and more evidence to prove that the college quarterback did in fact rape the female victim. But, the big college is doing everything they can to protect their team and star player. But, when Grayson decides to help Jane, they begin pooling together more resources, including a website that documents all of his sexual “conquests.”  They, of course, won the case!

Jenna, Kim’s sister, also tricks Kim into assisting in her divorce settlement. It winds up being a trivial case. But, the comedy brought in by Kathy Griffin was a nice relief from the very heavy rape case being discussed. What started as a case to help Jenna win her case for a family clock, they found that the clock had actually held a treasure full of diamonds! Well, the joke was on her, because the diamonds were a fake. But, Kim set up a trust so that the real diamonds went to their shared daughter when she turned 18. 

Jane also finds out that her “mother” (really Deb’s mother) is sleeping with Parker. When she confronts Parker about this, he tells her that he wont be seeing her, anymore. But, instead of letting Bobbi take the fall, she pushes her to dump him, instead! Bobbi recognized her ploy and realized Parker would have broken up with her, first. But, she was so grateful!