Serena, Traveling Baseball Babes

Recently, Bold Magazine got to sit down with Serena and Lisa of the “Traveling Baseball Babes” website. The Traveling Baseball Babes are a unique set of bloggers whose love of baseball started them traveling to different MLB stadiums in 2007. Shortly after, they decided to blog about their travels. We actually got wind of them through a bumper sticker that had their blog, on it. Aside from their love of baseball stadiums, the two also began their own cancer charity, Fred K’s Cancer. These two damsels of diamonds sure are busy! Thankfully, they had enough time to answer a few of our questions:

Lisa, Traveling Baseball Babes

Bold Magazine: So, tell us, how did it begin?

Traveing Baseball Babes: Initially, we just started traveling to other teams’ ballparks. One day, we relived some of the stuff we’d been through and thought other people might enjoy reading about it. Maybe we could find others who enjoyed doing what we did as well and we’d be able to share experiences.

BM: How many stadiums have you visited?

TBB: We have been to a total of 19 stadiums, but 3 of them (RFK Stadium, Yankees Stadium, and Shea Stadium) are now “defunked.”

BM: Which new stadiums do you plan to visit next?

TBB: Next season, we’re definitely visiting DC and Atlanta. Hopefully, if time and finances allow it, we’re going to do Toronto as well.

BM: What do you do when baseball season is over? Do you enjoy watching other sports?

TBB: We begin planning next year’s stadium tours as soon as the schedule is released, focus on our charity, Fred K’s Cancer, and we both enjoy watching football. Both of us are Giants fans. Serena likes watching hockey live as opposed to on the television. It’s easier to follow the puck when you’re there in person.

BM: Do you watch softball at all?

TBB: Yes, but Serena more so than Lisa. During the College World Series, Serena watches softball over baseball. She played for the Emerson College team.

BM: Do you both work full time? Have you thought about becoming sports stadium reviewers or doing this full time?

TBB: We would LOVE to tour stadiums full-time, but it’s just not financially possible nor do we have the time to do so. Both of us have legit, full-time jobs like real grown-ups. If we had the resources, our stadium tours would actually be way more in-depth as well.

BM: Have you met any ball players in your travels? Who? Who was your favorite?

TBB: We’ve met a few players at the stadiums during batting practice: Eric Byrnes, Barry Zito, Mike Jacobs, Adam LaRoche, Brad Ziegler, and Matt Guerrier. We really didn’t carry on an in-depth conversation with any of these individuals, but Byrnes was pretty down to earth and chatty with each fan he came into contact with. LaRoche actually tossed Serena a ball and we only met Ziegler because he overthrew his warm-up partner and nearly hit us.

BM: What else has traveling the country to see stadiums allowed you to see and do?

TBB: We think that traveling to the different stadiums has given us an opportunity to see parts of the country that wouldn’t normally be on our radar. For example, Seattle. That city is phenomenal and we had a fantastic time during our stay there. Our country has a lot to offer. It’s just a matter of getting the chance to see it all.

BM: Once you’ve seen every stadium, what will you do next?

TBB: Spring training stadiums!

BM: OK, Serena and Lisa, show us your Bold!

TBB: In late 2009, we came up with the idea to create Fred K’s Cancer to honor our fathers, who are both named Fred. Fred Ahne was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2008 and Fred Leone was diagnosed with oral cancer in 2003. Both are doing well today. All of the money we raise is split between the Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation and the Oral Cancer Foundation. The 1st Annual Fred K’s Cancer Event in June 2010 raised $2,400. In November 2010, Fred K’s Cancer, Inc. became incorporated in New York State and in July of this year, became an IRS recognized public charity! The 2nd Annual Fred K’s Cancer Event raised $4,000! We’re looking to organize a Fred K’s Cancer bowl-a-thon sometime in November.