These famous women start curvy then end up straight size. That's why I need to make it that's my market.

A few weeks ago we were contacted by Kia Stewart to tell us how bold she was. After a few e-mails and shorter blurbs, we decided to sit down and chat with her, in depth. Kia Stewart is a plus sized model for Ikon. Here, she tells what it’s really like to be a plus sized model.

Bold Magazine: Tell us about your challenges as a plus size model. What’s the hardest part? 
Kia Stewart: The biggest challenge for me at this time period is breaking into the industry. I want to be apart of a niche market a household name a brand of myself. It’s so many people who say they are models but I want modeling to speak for me. The hardest part is knowing you have the presence and the diligence and talent but staying optimistic knowing that opportunity will come. That process comes with high’s and lows self doubt & inner motivation.
BM: And, what is the biggest benefit?
KS: The biggest benefit is living your dream and bringing your vision to the forefront. Waking up knowing you achieved your vision.At this point nothing could please me more.
BM: Who are you currently modeling for? Where can we see your work?
KS: I currently am signed with Ikon Model Management I am new to modeling so my career is in it’s primary state of evolving. Which is fine with me but thus far I’ve been casted for commercial brands like TJ Maxx to entrepreneur empires such as Carol’s Daughter  all the way to urban brands such as Conway. I’m all about the hustle of modeling everybody started somewhere. I come from humble beginnings working my way up.
BM: Who are your favorite designers? Models? 
KS: My favorite designers are Mui Mui Marc Jacobs vintage Chanel. I love the classic longevity each brand offers. But out of things I can afford I usually wear  Rag & Bone ALice & Olive Urban Outfitters Free People right down to Forever21 & Target! Another model who strikes my interest is Crystal Renn. I study her pictures I love her concepts & she is truly talented. She makes every picture I’ve seen her in.
BM: And how about other curvy women?
KS: As far as curvy women I look up too I truly don’t know any. These famous women start curvy then end up straight size. That’s why I need to make it that’s my market.  I can be a Role “model” who stays true to being a curvy “model”.
BM: How has your life changed now that you’ve become a model?
KS: I’m an email junky. I have to check at all times to keep communication with my agency on upcoming go sees & jobs. I’ve also become more open on accepting myself & observant of my own look. I can’t be a copy of other things I see because I’m an original. I’ve learned to just say Kia you are who you are. Let your difference be your glory.
BM: Lastly, Show us your BOLD, Kia!
KS: I think I’m unique because I motivate myself. I’m always pushing with a vision. What makes me beautiful is my ability to not accept ordinary. I want the best of everything I work hard enough I deserve it. The evidence is in my hustle. And the one opportunity I’m waiting on I’m going to deliver.