"I figure if something I say can help even one person, it's worth it!"- Amy Harman LMFT, Becoming a Better Woman

Every woman’s problems are the same, right? Wrong! Amy Harman, LMFT, and creator of Becoming a Better Woman certainly doesn’t agree! “I truly believe that each person is an expert on her own experience,” she said when discussing the Stories of Strength section of her site. “Sharing individual stories helps us all understand the issue a little bit better and provides creative solutions that other women may find helpful in their own lives.”

And, that’s just one area of Becoming a Better Woman! Harman discusses lifestyle issues, body image, books, media, movies, parenting and more! She began her site to as she adjusted her full time schedule as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist to stay home with her son. Working primarily with girls and women who struggle with eating disorders, she decided that her passion might be best suited for a blog and website. “I figured writing a blog would keep me connected with women’s therapy issues and benefit my readers.  I hope that my site provides good information on women’s issues.”

What kinds of issues does Harman discuss? Everything from depression, eating disorders, addiction, body image, marriage, and parenting, to media, personal stories, and more! “Women often experience mental health and relationship issues differently than men, so it’s important to talk about these issues from a woman’s perspective.”

Becoming a Better Woman gets…better?

The goal for Harman to make her site more comprehensive on women’s issues, so that it can be a one-stop shop for women who are looking for information on issues they may be facing. And, in the Fall, Harman plans to add pages that contain therapy referrals and a list of recommended self-help books. “Someday I hope to get some advertising on my site from mental health providers,” says Harman.

Harman is all about what’s on the inside. So, instead of focusing on fashion and beauty tips, she wants to make her site relevant for young women who struggle with real issues. “I figure if something I say can help even one person, it’s worth it!”

Naturally, Amy Harman is Bold!

Of course we had to ask what makes Amy Harman bold. And, this is what she had to say:

What makes me unique and beautiful is that I can see the best in people and have compassion for their circumstances.  This ability keeps me energetic and positive about life.  Our relationships with other people is what makes the world go round, so it makes sense to see the best in others.  It also makes sense to be compassionate to ourselves!

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