Tiffany Bank, Big Sexy

TLC’s Big Sexy is going to be a MAJOR milestone in media, fashion, and women’s body image. Airing on August 30th, the show features five incredible curvy women New York City, working in the plus sized fashion industry. We’ve had more searches for the Big Sexy commercial than anything else on our site! Sorry Bolds, we’re waiting for the HD goodies from TLC. No bootlegs here!

The cast includes an all star lineup of women in the fashion and modeling industry: Audrey Lea Curry, Heather Roach, Leslie Medlick, Nikki Gomez, and of course the widely successful Tiffany Bank.

Tiffany Bank is a well known model, actress, and plus sized fashion editor and has been really making waives since she moved to the big apple in 2006 (just two years after she decided to be a model), appearing on the Tyra Bank Show and Bartender Wars. She was even in the latest Sex and the City movie, Sex and the City 2! She credits Jill Scott, Mia Tyler Emme, Randi Graves,  Sharon Quinn as some of her curvy role models, but has a special place in her heart for Velvet D’Amor.

Naturally, Bold Magazine jumped at the opportunity to speak with Bank. For such an incredible talent, we must say she is quite an AWESOME and down to earth woman. For someone who has her hand in and models some of the hottest plus sized fashions (Bank dreams of modeling for brands like Coco Chanel) , this Old Navy and Thrift Store shopper is about as humble as they come. And, she definitely embraces her 5’8″ size 18 curvatude, hoping to model for campaigns like Dove’s Real Beauty and Torrid, another one of her favorite shops. Here’s how it all went down with Tiffany Bank of TLC’s Big Sexy:

Bold Magazine: First, tell us a little about your modeling career. What have the benchmarks been? 

"I have learned so much and so thankful for the ride I’ve been on."- Tiffany Bank

Tiffany Bank: I have learned so much and so thankful for the ride I’ve been on. Being a fit model (Bold Note: Fit Models are body models for designers, they have perfect proportions and must stay that way for designers to see how their clothes will fit. In this case, Tiffany would test out plus sizes for designers.) for major brands and being a part of that process has been pretty great. Also, the few editorials that I have done were really special to me.

BM: How about some of the challenges?

TB: The challenges have been trying to balance a 9-5 with modeling and being away from family. I’m determined and persistent but it’s been hard doing it alone.

BM: Do you enjoy modeling more? Or acting? 

TB: I love both! I love modeling because I get to represent the fuller plus woman and do a lot of cool behind-the-scenes work with fit modeling. I love the process of acting and it challenges me to dig deep and understand the textures and fabric of the craft.

BM: What can we expect from TLC’s Big Sexy? What’s your involvement specifically?

TB: Big Sexy is going to be lots of fun! It’s about 5 plus-size women living in NYC trying to pursue their careers. It also gives you insight about our personal lives and what we struggle with. I am one of the five gals on the show and you’ll get to have a peak inside my modeling career in NYC and a few other interesting things.

BM: There must be a lot of plus sized fashionistas, models, etc. in NYC. Why you five ladies?

TB: I went in for an interview and it happened from there. I think it was a closed casting process so I never met or saw any of the other ladies they were considering. They took time and put us 5 together specifically because all mesh pretty well and have ties to the industry.

"I’m South African and Persian and ambidextrous. That’s bold right?" - Tiffany Bank

BM: So, you weren’t acquainted before this?

TB: We all met previously and knew of one another from either working together on shoots or projects.

BM: If the three episode show is successful, do you think we’ll see more of the 5 Big Sexy women on TLC?

TB: Gosh I hope so! That would be so wonderful! If people love it hopefully the network will listen.

BM: What’s next for you? With gained exposure, what would you like to be in your near future?

TB: I have a couple editorials coming out and a few other projects I’m working on. If you follow me on Twitter (@tiffanybank) or Facebook ( I will post about it all and would love to interact with everyone. (nice one, Tiffany!)

BM: What’s your life like outside of fashion? What are your other passions? Favorite hobbies?

TB: What’s a life like outside of fashion? Haha Kidding. I am really happiest when I’m near water. I love the beach, rafting and swimming. I love to travel and paint. I also write for PLUS Model Magazine and started writing poetry again.

BM: Lastly,Tiffany, in order to be bold, you have to show us your BOLD!

TB: I’m South African and Persian and ambidextrous. That’s bold right? [laughs]

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Check out Tiffany Bank and friends on Big Sexy, August 30th on TLC. See you there!