An 11 year old girl is the new mayor in Forney Texas, 23 miles east of Dallas. For 24 hours Caroline Gonzalez was the mayor for a day after winning a Facebook competition designed to promote interest in politics among young people  We think that’s pretty BOLD! Gonzalez wasted no time renaming part of Main Street “Justin Beiber Way”.  When asked by E! Online why she chose to honor the singer, Caroline said, “Because I really like Justin Bieber. I like his music and I like him.”  She added, “And I thought, why not have a street in my home town named after my favorite singer?” A rep from Forney’s City Hall confirmed to EW that the street sign, which is currently up, will be taken down as of Monday, Aug. 22. Forney Texas is hoping that Justin Beiber might just come down and visit before the sign is removed.

What would you rename a street in your town given the opportunity?

Way to be BOLD Caroline!