Hey Bolds, we’ve got another awesome resource for you: The Curvy Diaries! The Curvy Diaries is a great resource for the curvy girl looking for information on anything from relationships, to beauty tips, and even home decor! We sat down with site creator, Sharnae Smith. Here’s what we learned for ya!

Bold Magazine: Sharnae, tell us a little bit about your goal for the Curvy Diaries and how it got it’s start.

Sharnae Smith: My goal for The Curvy Diaries is to positively show women of different sizes loving who they are regardless of what the media portray beauty as! I started the site after receiving a free subscription to a popular teen magazine and realizing that every article or story in it didn’t cater to women of a much bigger size! It went on and on about how to dress during this season or for that occasion and not once did I see something that could cater to curvy women! Teens are reading this and this is what they believe they should look like. I just wanted to change that image!

BM: How do you feel you’ll be able to positively influence the curvy world?

SS: I plan on opening a door to what being curvy is really like. You get sick of hearing the sterotypes that plus size women are lazy, and are over eaters… that’s not the case. I’ve met curvy women that take really good care of themselves and are just built the way they are. That’s actually apart of my own personal story. I’ve done the diet and exercise thing before and still I’m in the two digit pants and XL tops. We are often overlooked in the media as well. The media has this world all twisted up. I just want to give curvy girls like me a chance to be reconized as beautiful as well.

BM: What’s next for the curvy diaries? Anything new on the horizon?

SS: Right now the site is just full of articles, and blogs, but soon I want to exspand it to a Curvy Diaries community. Its good to network with people of your same interest (and even those with different interest) and go to a site where there’s no drama, and you’re actually excited to log in. The Curvy Diaries project is for fun. You’ve had a bad day, I want my users to log on to Curvy Diaries and share that day and get some positive love from the members!

BM: Besides the plus sized industry, what are some of the things you’re most passionate about?

SS: Books. I love to read. Something about it takes me away from the world we live in and puts me in a different place. Its so relaxing. I always suggest books to my co-workers, and I’m from the old school.. I actually go to the bookstores and buy books, I’m not into all of this “books online” stuff. 🙂

BM: Lastly, show us your BOLD!

SS: I’m unique and beautiful because I BELIEVE I AM! There’s nothing like living a life where you’re not into pleasing others and going off what other people beleive you should do or say. Life is much happier when you start beleving in yourself and knowing your own worth. I think a lot of women tend to loose the focus that “you’re BOLD!”… and I honestly beleive its a focus you stick to…it could get you as far as you’d like to go!

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