Now, that's Bold- Jennifer Vargas Saves a Life

From the Daily News– Our Backyard, Coney Island, was home to a ridiculously large lobster who was headed for the “hot seat” (otherwise known as a pot of hot water and buttery dipping sauce).

Instead, Jennifer Vargas decided to save its life. “This seemed like a [lousy] way to go,” Vargas said. “A lot of the customers were interested in him – the problem was they didn’t have a pot big enough.” The large lobster went on exhibit this week at the New York Aquarium, thanks to the seafood company worker who decided it was too big to serve. She found him the home at the New York Aquarium, run by the Wildlife Conservation Society, after her boss gave her the OK.

Aquarium Director Jon Dohlin say, “He radiates a certain charisma,” he said proudly, “a crustacean charisma.”

The lobster was caught weeks ago off the coast of Canada and sent in a 2-ton shipment to the New England Lobster Co. in San Francisco.