Sort of the complete opposite of Kim Kardashian, whose filmed and sponsored wedding was all about image portrayal, bride-to-be Kjerstin Gruys isn’t looking at her reflection for one whole year, including right before her wedding!

Ph.D. candidate and UCLA teaching fellow Kjerstin Gruys has taken on a prenuptial challenge of not looking at her reflection to improve her body image. That’s pretty BOLD! 

“I picked out my wedding gown before the project started. Looking in the mirror for hours and feeling critical of myself was one of the main motivators [for the project],” Gruys told YouBeauty. “I want my wedding to be about my partner, Michael, and me, and about our loved ones—not about whether or not I dropped 10 pounds to squeeze into my dress.”

Gruys will be recording the challenges of living a mirror-free life on her blog, Mirror, Mirror Off The Wall. Gruys discusses self-tanner and mascara adventures without the benefit of a mirror, which may come as a shock to some. But, she’s not swearing off looking good, just being so concerned about checking in on herself!

“Though some of my readers have been critical of my decision to wear makeup during this project, I decided that wearing a bare minimum—tinted moisturizer, blush, mascara, sometimes a neutral cream eyeshadow—was important to me in a professional sense,” says Gruys.

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