Tonight, we’re reviewing and recapping the 8/21 episode (You Bet Your Life) of Drop Dead Diva. As always, we like to give a few of our thoughts on each episodeBy the way, check out our curvy celebrity gallery featuring Brooke Elliott, here!

Jane really made some headway into learning more about herself and her old relationships, in tonight’s episode. Though, she did go back to her old ways of feeling sorry for herself when Grayson began to date a cute skinny blonde. Kim and Parker just can’t seem to fight their feelings as they fall hot and heavy for each other! It was a very entertaining episode!

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Drop Dead Diva airs Sundays at 9PM Eastern on the Lifetime Channel.

Here is an episode recap from8/21:

Jane represents the sorority mom she and Stacy had in college in a lawsuit against the casino that caused the sorority mom to suddenly lose all her savings. Kim and Parker represent a botanist who has fallen in love with a rare flower and is fighting her old an employer, a museum, who is claiming rights to the plant after theirs died. 

Grayson, still mourning the loss of his fiancée, can’t get out of his slump. Jane puts Fred in charge of getting Grayson out of his bad mood but Grayson and Fred manage to make the evening take an interesting turn that Jane doesn’t see coming.

In the midst of these ridiculous trials, Jane is upset to find out that Fred has become an awesome office wingman, helping Grayson find a date for the night. But, she has an important case to win and winds up citing some pretty unethical casino practices to lure Parkinson Disease patients to their casino to exploit their possible gambling addictions due to an experimental medication.

Naturally, the casino case was won by Jane. But, unfortunately, Kim and Parker come to find that they were actually played by the rare plant owner who had only been fighting museum so that she could sell her plant. In fact, they found that she had killed the museum’s plant to increase the value of hers. 

Unfortunately, Jane finds that Grayson becomes taken with this new woman, who, of course, resembles her former self, Deb. Jane does, however, begin a class action law suit, for her new friend (after she wins the court case for her old sorority mom and learns that she actually did like Deb, they have a new understanding for one another). And, Fred, actually begins to act like one of the guys!