Miesha Tate with the Strikeforce Belt

July 30th, 2011– Miesha “Takedown” Tate submits Dutch submission specialist Marloes Coenen in the co-main event of the night via arm triangle. Tate, the #4 rated female fighter in the world is now also the 135 pound (Bantamweight) Strikeforce champion. At 25 years old, she is the longest running Strikeforce female fighter and the new face of women’s MMA.

“I can’t believe that I have a belt to take home with me. I really had to dig deep those last couple rounds. Like I said, I had a tough end to my training camp, but I just feel like I went out there and I did what I needed to do and I won the fight and I’m world champion.”

Thanks to the awesome staff over at Cage Candy (www.cagecandy.com), we got a chance to catch up with Takedown, this week. Check out how it went below. And, be sure to look at the cool picture gallery we’ve put together of the new Women’s Bantamweight Champion:

Bold Magazine: It’s difficult to become an mma fighter, period. But can u tell us what challenges make being a female mixed martial artist unique?

Miesha Tate: Sometimes I think it can be difficult to maintain the balance between being the feminine woman yet being hardcore & strong enough to compete in a sport as tough as MMA.

BM: With companies like cage candy and tons of women’s mma blogs and sites springing up, how do you see the next few years panning out for your sport? Do you think it will take a similar path to mens mma? Why or why not?

MT: I think Womens MMA will follow the course of the men’s & we are gaining fans & supporters everyday! We have continued support by Strikeforce and UFC.

BM: We all know fighters love to fight, right? But what’s your second favorite thing to do? And don’t give me any of that “watch fights” or “train to fight” stuff!

MT: I love to bake and decorate cakes!

BM: You have (and continue to) fought at the highest level offered to female mixed martial artists. What was that journey like?

MT: My first fight with Strikeforce Was in 2008, I believe I’m the longest running consistent female fighter on Strikeforce’s roster and it’s been an amazing journey. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs but who hasn’t? That’s life! I can’t complain, I’m the champ because I’m willing to work through the tough times and I never ever give up!

BM: I’d imagine some men would be quick to judge when meeting a female fighter. I’m guessing dating another fighter alleviates some of that! But, have there been boyfriends who were intimidated by dating a female wrestler or martial artist?

MT: I’ve never dated any guys who were intimidated by female fighters but they do exist! Most men who don’t want their girlfriends fighting either want all the glory for themselves or they have an inferiority complex I think anyways or they are ignorant.

BM: Whose your favorite female athlete/fighter?

MT: Megumi Fugi

BM: Do you have any advice for young female fighters? Young women in general?

MT: Don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams & passion! Never settle for less

BM: Favorites Time!

Foods: Italian white pastas, eggplant parmagiana, cake

Music: alternative rock, new age rap/R&B, techno

Movie: Braveheart

Show: Dexter, Amazing Race

BM: What’s next for you now that you’re the strikeforce women’s champion?

MT: I’m still rehabbing an injured knee so once that’s healed I will begin training for my next opponent which I hear could be Sarah Kaufman

BM: OK, Takedown, show us your bold! 

MT: I’m proud to be a goal driven/accomplished/successful woman . I feel like I have worked extremely hard to be where I’m at and I’m enjoying every minute of it!