Brittany Delgado

It would have been the perfect crime, until an alleged hit-and-run driver met two members of the Oklahoma City University wrestling team, Brittany and Brienna Delgado. These two wrestling sisters grappled the alleged criminal and held them down until police arrived. Wow!

“My sister and I are very proficient wrestlers and also played football in high school, so we know about tackling,” Brittany Delgado told The Oklahoman.

The sisters were driving with their grandmother this past Saturday night. After a collision, the other driver got out of his car and started running away.

“When I was chasing him I was still yelling, ‘You need to come back,'” Brienna told The Oklahoman. “I wasn’t wearing the proper footwear. I got a little road rash when I tackled him.”

Brienna said the man had his hands beneath him when she tackled him. Then, in case he had a weapon, she concentrated on securing his hands and brought them behind his back with a chicken wing wrestling move!

Brienna Delgado

The sisters are originally from South Carolina. Brittany, a senior, began wrestling when she was 3 and is a two-time national champion in the Women’s College Wrestling Association. Brienna will be a freshman this year.

“They’re typical young women wrestlers,” l told The Oklahoman.

Oklahoma City coach Archie Randall told the Oklahoman, “They’re very aggressive and determined with what they’re going to do.”

He also said the Delgados are looking to compete in the Olympics. Talk about BOLD!