Danyell and Raynell Hutchinson of Double Dutch Cosmetics

What does being Duchess mean? According to twins Raynell and Danyell Hutchinson, a Duchess is powerful, strong, independent woman who is the ruler of her domain and is treated like royalty. And, they wear Double Dutch Cosmetics! Double Dutch Cosmetics was found to boost the self confidence of the everyday woman from a student, housewife, to business professional with their lip gloss and nail color. The colors are very classy and chic. And, the packaging looks so fancy! We love it. More than the cosmetics, though, we love to see young women taking on the world of beauty and becoming entrepreneurs!

The sisters wanted to create a cosmetic line that would be uplifting and powerful for women of all ages. Their motto, ” Because You Are Royalty” really speaks to young women and teens. “We are sending out a powerful message letting young girls to believe in themselves, love themselves, and know that they are queens.”

We spoke with  Danyell of Double Dutch Cosmetics about this cool and trendy way to inspire and encourage young women to enhance their inner beauty:

Bold Magazine: When did you start Double Dutch Cosmetics?

Danyell Hutchinson: We have actually been working and preparing the line for about 2 years. We researched and sampled different products that we felt would be great for girls and women over all.

BM: How did you do it? 

DH: Double Dutch Cosmetics is a self funded company so everything has come from a lot of hard work and sacrifice and just pursing our dreams.

BM: OK, so what was your motivation?

DH: Our motivation has always been to encourage, empower, and inspire other girls to be who they are and love themselves. There is so much going on in the world and so many images of what being beautiful is. But, true beauty comes from within and that’s the what matters most!

BM: How has the response been?

DH: The response and feedback that we have received thus far has truly been wonderful! And we would definitely like to thank all those who have supported Double Dutch Cosmetics. Consumers and critics aren’t always receptive of a new brand that enters into the market, especially, in a billion dollar industry. But we continue to stay in our own lane and answer our calling. We understand that when your creating a path, instead of following the path, it isn’t going to be easy. But that’s the beauty and challenge of it all, converting doubters into believers and lovers of Double Dutch Cosmetics brand and products! And we embrace that challenge everyday, one step at a time. one product at a time!

BM: How do you promote your products? 

DH: We send our products which are lip gloss and nail polish to different charity events for women and teens. We have a website where people are able to purchase the products as well. The website is www.doubledutchcosmetics.com. We also send the products to various awards shows so that celebrities can receive them in their “Celebrity Gift Bags”.

BM: What’s the next step for Double Dutch Cosmetics?

DH: Double Dutch Cosmetics has a lot of things in the works that we are very excited about! We are preparing to add eye shadow, blush, and foundation to our product line, hopefully before the year and out. And also, [we’re] working now to launch bath products and another nail polish line next year.

BM: You mentioned that some celebrities wear your makeup. Like who?

DH: We had the pleasure of meeting Melanie Fiona at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, LA last year and she was so nice! She is an island woman, Caribbean descent, so it was only suitable that we gave her an Island Dutchess Lip Gloss! There is also an amazing artist, Miss Mykie, out of our hometown of Houston, Texas that was very supportive of us and Double Dutch Cosmetics as well. She was just so nice and humble and encouraging! Its always a great when women embrace and support other women. But we also do gift bags for different events and organizations in various cities.

BM: Lastly, show us your “BOLD!”

DH: We are bold because we are the first African American twin sisters to have a cosmetic line marketed for teens! Being twins is definitely and beautiful within itself, but to have a built in best friend, and business partner that you can trust, depend on, and encourage each other through the good and the bad is amazing! Twins run heavily within our family so we have always wanted to have a family business based and centered around being a twin and offering something that girls will love for generations to come! We aspire Double Dutch Cosmetics to be a brand that people can respect, love, and trust! We want to see generations impacted by Double Dutch Cosmetics….mothers and daughters, aunts and nieces, grandmothers and granddaughters, god mothers and god daughters…using and believing in Double Dutch. We want our message and motto to be instilled into girls at a young age..that you are beautiful, smart, confident, and sky’s the limit to the possibilities that awaits you…”Because You Are Royalty!”