Drop Dead Diva 8/28 Review and Recap

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Tonight’s Drop Dead Diva episode (Toxic) was all about sticky situations. As always, we like to give a few of our thoughts on each episodeBy the way, check out our curvy celebrity gallery featuring Brooke Elliott, here!

Jane was awesome in court and it was really great to see Fred stand up for himself! It also looks like some sparks are flying between Jane and the new judge in town! Whoa! Maybe she’ll forget all about her ex-squeeze, Grayson. You go, girl!

Next week, Parker represents his ex-girlfriend against an insurance company that refuses to pay out her father’s life-insurance policy. Meanwhile, Kim falls for a controversial pastor who lands in jail while trying to help the poor; and Fred and Stacy face an uncertain future after he sees her kissing her costar.

Drop Dead Diva airs Sundays at 9PM Eastern on the Lifetime Channel.

Here is an episode recap from8/21:

The episode starts when Jane and her assistant, Teri, attending a dating seminar run by Teri’s arch-nemesis from high school. After an argument between the two, Teri employs Kim to defend her in a slander trial.

Meanwhile, Jane represents an engineer who claims a school is going to be built on toxic soil. But the construction company handling the build is one of the firm’s most important clients, and Parker orders Jane to drop the case. When she doesn’t, he fires him. The battle ensues in court between Jane and Parker as well as Kim and Marcy, Teri’s high school bully. Kim wins her case and, of course, so does Jane, with Parker’s help (wow!). Parker rehires her and thanks her for being so vigilant.

On a different note, Fred and Stacy get into a little fight about Stacy’s career interfering with their relationship. This quickly turns into a huge problem when Fred sees her kissing her co-star. Jane also gets into a little trouble with Grayson’s girlfriend when she gives him advice about their relationship. She is then asked out to dinner by the judge that heard her case!

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