Big Sexy Premiered August 30th (Tonight) on TLC at 10PM

In case you missed it, TLC’s Big Sexy premiered tonight, August 30th at 10PM. It was a great first show and the ladies (Leslie, Heather, Tiffany, Nikki, and Audrey) introduced themselves to their new viewers. Check out Bold Magazine for your guide to the Big Sexy mini series. Here, we’ll review and recap each episode! 

We met all five of the Big Sexy ladies. Fun and flirty Tiffany Bank is a fashion fit plus sized model. The newly romanced Nikki Gomez is a plus sized runway model. Leslie Medlik is a fashion stylist. At 6’3″, Audrey Lea Curry is a makeup artist. And, Heather Roach is a fashion designer of plus sized bras and swimsuits.

During our first episode, we learned more about the women and their roles in the New York fashion industry. They started off their episode by attending New York’s fashion week. Tiffany Bank made it a point to introduce herself to some designers! Afterwards, they decided to go clubbing. One morning, after brainstorming about the fashion industry, they decided to put on their own plus sized fashion show!

The five women learn a lot about themselves and their friends as they discuss life, love, and fashion. We met Nikki Gomez’s boyfriend, Steven,  and one of Tiffany’s exes, as well. All five women attended a BBW (Big Beautiful Women) dating night to no avail (it was actually a pretty creepy escapade). They also decided to try some speed dating, which was an eye opening experience for all parties.

The fashion show turned out to be a great big hit, with Leslie styling and planning the show, Tiffany, Audrey and Nikki modeling, and Heather supporting from the crowd. But, more important then the show, is the confidence these women gained. Throughout the episode, we saw these women struggle with their size acceptance issues, career challenges, and dating/love concerns. But, to empower these women is to empower an entire community and embrace a culture that will show young women to love themselves inside and out.

While we definitely learned a great deal about Tiffany and Nikki, we were missing something from Heather Roach, who didn’t have as much screen time. Hopefully, we’ll see more of her! And, while models like Tiffany certainly stole the first show, there’s definitely something charming about Leslie’s quiet and sassy attitude! Audrey Lea Curry is a unique soul with a definite eye for out of the box fashion. All in all, TLC’s Big Sexy is a big success!

Next week, the five ladies are heading out on the town with some men and it looks to be an exciting time!

Big Sexy Premiered August 30th (Tonight) on TLC at 10PM