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Kris Jenner thinks Scott Disick needs some tough love.

On the season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kourtney Kardasian, her sister Kim, and mom Kris have a very frank discussion of what honestly might be best for Scott, in light of his apparent partying lifestyle sinceĀ splitting with Kourtney in July.

When Kourtney brings up a desire to get Scott help without him necessarily going to jail, Kris wonders aloud, “That could be the best thing for him,” adding, “That’s the biggest wake-up call of all, to be thrown in jail with no alcohol, no nothing, no pillow.”

“No one to bail him out,” Kim adds.

“Kourtney sees a lot of things that she wasn’t aware of before,” suggests Kim in a confessional video. “I think she’s done everything she can to help Scott, and that’s what’s really heartbreaking.”

Meanwhile, Kourtney confesses that “Scott seems to just get worse. And I want to be mad, but then I also just worry about Scott’s safety.”

Recently, Scott has been spending time with 18-year-old model Lindsay Vrckovnik. The pair has been spotted over the past couple of weeks in both NYC and Miami, Florida. Despite her concerns for Scott, a source tells ET that Kourtney is not “fazed by this at all,” saying, “She’s moving on. She knows it’s just a fling.”

“She’s trying hard to ignore it and just focus on the kids,” the source adds. “She knows they’ll never get back together.”

The same may or may not be true of Scott, who, despite his recent exploits with the 18-year-old model, posted an NSFW Instagram of Kourtney on Thursday, writing, “Now that’s 1 hot mama.”

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