Ashley Graham is having a moment. Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric first sat down with hqdefaultthe model last year to talk about her steamy ad for swimsuitsforall, featured in Sports Illustrated magazine.

Since then, the model, designer and body activist has had a busy year. From gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated, to launching her brand-new swimsuit line, to playing the love interest in Joe Jonas’ “Toothbrush” video, the brunette beauty is everywhere.

“My life has totally flipped upside down. I can’t walk outside in my pajamas anymore, that’s for sure,” says Graham. “For a girl who was told, ‘You’ll never be on the cover of magazines,’ now I have 11 in a little under three years.”

Graham, an advocate for positive body image, considers herself a ‘body activist’ and tells Couric that beauty really does come from the inside. “The moment I stopped comparing myself to other women, my career started thriving.”

Graham says you need to speak life into your body. “What I had to do is start loving who I was,” she says.

maxresdefaultGraham spoke to Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric about her new swimsuit line. The inspiration? The James Bond girls.

“The Bond girl is the sexy girl. She is the epitome of … the badass, ‘I’m ruling my body, I’m ruling who I am’” attitude, Graham said, adding: “I’m the ruler of my body and I’m the boss of my empire, and I want women who wear my swimsuits to feel the exact same way.”

Graham is bringing sexy back to more than just the beach … she’s bringing it right into Joe Jonas’ bedroom in the new DNCE video “Toothbrush.” Graham says she wasn’t expecting to be the love interest and didn’t learn she would be until the night before. “I thought maybe there’s just gonna be, you know, a groupie moment … and then I was like, ‘Oh my God! I’m the love interest!” And with over 5 million views already on YouTube, it’s clear fans can’t get enough.