CkKYJxwUYAAriInWe at Bold Magazine have been biting our tongues during this Brock Turner trial outcome media frenzy. It didn’t seem like we’d have anything new or interesting to share. But, a few days later, it’s important to note that Brock Turner’s life is certainly going to be impacted. However, this “Ellen Doe” is going to be impacted in a dramatic way, as well. The difference? She is not responsible for the impactful action that will now shape all of her sexual interactions for the rest of her life. Turner is.

Sexual assault occurs more on college campuses than on any other US professional or school setting. 20% of women in the US will be raped in their lives, and the majority of these attacks occur in late teens and early twenties. Contrast that with one in 71 males. 91% of rape victims are female. College campuses like Stanford University which have lower rape counts than other colleges of its size aren’t necessarily doing their jobs. They may actually have similar amounts of sexual assaults and rapes, but they are simply not reporting them.

Yes, Brock’s life will be severely impacted based on the violent crime he committed. It’s called the justice system. “Ellen Doe’s” life is forever scarred. It would have been nice if before she was attacked, her father could have written a note to her attacked telling him how this might effect her appetite and demeanor. I wonder if he would have chosen a different path…

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