Hey Bold Readers! We’ve been updating our “Bold Resources” pages recently. And, look what we’ve come across!

Celestine Burrell, creator of Diva Row, has combined her passion for fashion and many years of experience with sewing to launch the fashion line Diva Row. Diva Row is a line tailored to and for women of all shapes, sizes and curves with a desire to wear the latest fashion trends while still exuding confidence, grace, and class at affordable prices.Women who wear Diva Row know the value of wearing timeless fashion trends and the confidence felt from wearing clothes that serve their curves well. Curvy. Sexy. Confident.: That’s their motto!

Well, we sat down with Celestine Burrell and had a quick Q & A. Their mission is to provide women of the world with inspirational clothing that accentuates the curvy, sexy, and confident. And, we love that! So, let’s dive right in!

Bold Magazine: So, let’s start from the beginning. How did you start Diva Row and why?

Celestine: I started Diva Row three years ago. I’ve been sewing for many years and I noticed a trend with a lot of my women clients. They averaged a size 14 and had curvy figures. They wanted clothing that would accentuate their looks and make them feel great. So, I felt it would be a great idea to expand by coming up with a clothing line Diva Row.

BM: So cool! How do you find your inspiration for your line?

C: I myself am also a plus-size lady and love to look and feel fabulous at all times. Inspiration came with experimenting on myself to see what works and listening to what clients say they would like to see more of. I’ve also been inspired by Mimi G. She is one of my favorite sewing/fashion bloggers. She keeps a fresh style.

BM: We’ve noticed your product list is small but of high quality. Is that what you’re going for? What’s the story here?

C: Yes, for now I prefer to keep a small but high quality line. I also do custom made orders for clients all over the world as well. They can either make modifications to the line that is there or ask for something totally different. Eventually I will be expanding to many different boutiques and that will require a much large line. As of now everything is custom-made. I never really want to lose that essence of the line being custom-made.

BM: And, what has the response to your line been so far?

C: So far the response has been overwhelmingly great. I’m surprised often at how well people from all over the world reach out to me about making them a dress or ordering off of the website. I’m so thankful and blessed for all the support.

BM: What are the biggest challenges in designing clothing for “women of all sizes?”

C: The  biggest challenge is finding designs that I feel as though every woman of every size will feel her absolute best in. But it is something that is accomplished every month. Every month you can find new looks.

BM: Well, that’s awesome. Where do you see your brand heading?

C: I see us expanding to several boutiques in the US and the world that specialize in the custom-made clothing line for women. Women can go and shop the line or order a custom-made piece. There’s nothing more refreshing than knowing something was made just for you!

BM:  So, Celestine, what’s the best part about designing clothing for all sizes?

C: The best part is the happiness of a client when they have found the dress that fits them perfectly better than anything they have ever purchased out of a department store. I look forward to sharing this with women everyday all over the world.

BM:  Love it. What is your top seller?

C: At the moment our top sellers are the Glam Wrap Dress, Goddess Halter Dress and the Red Vixen Dress
BM: Where can we find your brand other than on your site?
C: The brand is exclusive to our site at the moment, but in the very near future we will be in local department stores in the Southeast and Chicago areas.

BM: Lastly, what makes you BOLD?

C: What makes Diva Row bold is the willingness and want for women all over the world to feel their absolute best about themselves no matter their size. Diva Row spreads positivity with the motto Curvy.Sexy.Confident. The size you are today is temporary for most whether its your best or just where you are today you deserve to feel and look fabulous at all times.