ai·lur·o·phile [īˈlo͝orəˌfīl, āˈlo͝or-] NOUN\ a cat lover.

Okay, so 5 words in and you’re wondering…. what do cat lover’s have to do with fashion? Well, we were wondering the same thing! until we found this awesome blog on tumblr: Ailurophile with Style! Blogger Allie Krystal, a 27 year old blogger, stylist, and cat lover from Toronto, Canada., is the brain child behind this super trendy plus size fashion blog. This size 18 gorgeous Canadian with varying periwinkle and crimson hair has some awesome style and she also does some great collabs with other plus size fashionistas!

And, check out the spunk! From her guide to wearing winter skirts:

“Step one, hate your fucking life and have zero regard for the blood flow to your legs. That’s it. That’s the only step.”

Hah! We love it! She even goes as far as to help fight your chafing/”chub rub” (her words, not ours!) with deodorant and baby powder. Does she smell like a 13 year old boy? Sure… but she’s okay with that!

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