A few weeks, we placed a quick event announcement up on our site for a Big and Beautiful Jersey Bash. We had a bunch of readers ask us….


Bold… what is a big and beautiful bash?


Well, the answer is… we don’t know yet! Because, they vary! We went to our very first “bash” this past weekend in Edison New Jersey! And, we had a lot of fun!

To understand the name “Big and Beautiful Bash,” you may first want to become familiar with plus size terminology. We’re going to be posting an article soon which will feature a full glossary of terms. But, for now, let’s just go with one important one:

BBW- Stands for Big and Beautiful Woman

This phrase/acronym is used on dating sites and ads, in modeling and fashion, and in other industries (which we will not discuss, because we’re keeping it clean, ladies!) So, the term “Big and Beautiful” tends to be synonymous with BBW.

Now, bashes tend to be parties that can be run by any BBW or “Big and Beautiful” group. The particular bash we attended was hosted by XLencePlus and they are a true leader in the BBW community. They’ve hosted bashes all over the northeast from Vegas to Jersey and everywhere in between! Bashes can be anywhere from one party to a full weekend of activities from pool parties to seminars.


This bash in New Jersey was somewhere in the middle! It wasn’t a crazy all-hours-of-the-day-soiree! But, it was a healthy blend of downtime and evening parties! With an intimate gathering a few hundred people, the New Jersey BBW Bash was a blast! Hosted at the Sheraton in Edison, NJ, the big and beautiful community could be seen taking over the hotel as early as Thursday night. Everyone was checking in, going to dinner at the café, and even having fun in the pool (indoor, ladies, it’s still March!) By Friday night, we had a great group of early comers to hang in one of our rented ballrooms for an open bar and snack lounge and dance party: Beer Games, Dancing, Meeting and Greeting…. what a great way to start our weekend! Those of us who survived the dance off, went to sleep and woke up in the late morning. We recovered as best we could, spent some time at the pool, outdoors, and relaxing before we got ready for Saturday night.

Once Saturday comes at the New Jersey Big and Beautiful Bash… forget everything you think you know about the rest of your weekend! Edison New Jersey WAS big and beautiful on Saturday, March 17th! The theme of the night was “Tropical,” but being that it was also St. Patrick’s day, the room was FILLED with Hawaiian shirts, tropical colors, and Irish green! A good 500 people filled the party and the accompanying lobby with the two bars constantly flowing with drinks. It was a great atmosphere to drink, relax, celebrate your size, and live a posh plus life for the evening!

So, here’s a question… what does one do at a “Big and Beautiful Bash?” Well, the answer is “whatever you want!” (within reason, of course). Some ladies never left the dance floor. Some of them never stepped on! People were in and out of the lobby, lounging, meeting new friends, and talking to old ones. Want to network? You can do it there! Shoot, we’ve got a full lineup of articles coming your way from new friends we’ve met! Interested in finding the man or woman of your dreams without swiping right or filling out a survey? Well, wait by the bar for a handsome admirer to ask what you drink!

Like so many people who have observed their friends attend these bashes, we must say the Bold Media staff were nervous about what to expect! Who would be there? Would they like us? How do we penetrate such a tight community of friends and colleagues. Well, rest easy, because the friendly faces and welcoming arms are plentiful. We can’t speak for the other Bash Party throwers out there (you bet we’re going to find out). But, XLencePlus sure knows how to throw a party in Edison New Jersey! Now… that is BOLD!


Check out XlencePlus at www.xlenceplus.com or follow them on Instagram @xlenceplus


You can also find them on our Resources Page!


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