Growing up in rural Ohio, I wasn’t exposed to the world like I could’ve been. Now, being grounded in a career in my hometown, it only makes sense that the travel bug has officially kicked in. I made it a goal of mine for the year to travel as often as I can-to spend my money buying plane tickets instead of things (except for clothes and accessories that is). Having been to New York once this year and with trips booked for another round to New York, Chicago, and Belize, I’ve found that there’s some things I just can’t board a plane without. While packing is my least favorite part of traveling, having these essentials with me take my trip from coach to first class!

Crossbody Bag

            I cannot be the only woman with the fear of having my purse snatched in the city. No matter where I’m traveling to, my favorite bag to have on me is a black cross-body bag. I love not having to actually hold it, and while I’d love to have little bag boys follow me around while I shop, a crossbody is my next best solution.


            If we’re being totally honest, leggings are my go to for any day, occasion, or season. I love them for travel in particular because they’re lightweight and easy to pack but also because they’re versatile. I can throw in a pair of leggings to wear to the airport or on a night out in the city to dinner.


          While I absolutely adore flying, I don’t care for being stuck in a seat for however many hours, next to a stranger, and disconnected from my phone. The first thing I do the second I get through security at the airport is find the closest Starbucks, and the closest magazine stand. I make sure to grab my favorites- Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Vogue so I have something to keep me entertained (and sane) on my flight.

Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray

            My little bottle of heaven. Think setting spray but better. If you haven’t tried the rose water spray yet, it’s so worth it. There’s just something about being on a airplane that makes my face drier than the Sahara. A few sprays before and after the flight keeps my skin hydrated and cool.