Ya know, it’s not uncommon for us at Bold Magazine, when we’re waiting for our feature articles to roll into the editing desk, to do a quick blurb about something in the news or a quick update about a plus size celeb. This is what made us one of the most popular plus size websites from 2012 to 2015.

So, for the past few hours, we’ve been just kind of reading through some plus size and curvy celebrity news. And, we’ve come to a conclusion: Over the past few years, our plus friends have been disappearing! It sounds crazy, but in 2018, there are fewer plus size mentors and celebrities than there were 3-5 years ago! Aside from a few articles on Roseanne Barr  or Beanie Feldstein , we’ve got some serious need for content. Thankfully, there are more original articles on the way. And, we’ve been posting pretty consistently for the past couple of weeks with our own BOLD news. But, that doesn’t answer the question…


Where have all of the “Plus Stars” gone?

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