At 5’1″ and just 17 years old, Amanda LaCount may seem “little”… but’s breaking the mold of dancers everywhere in a BIG way. The curvy dancer is crushing it, lately. Bold failed to follow up with an initial interview with the pint sized plus powerhouse a few months ago. And, since then, she’s been racking up talk shows and interviews from Ellen to Daily Mail.

Since 2003, LaCount has been dancing and acting in movies ranging from TV specials to her latest in Ready Player One, Steven Speilberg’s latest action flick, killing it on the ratings charts.

LaCount, herself, dreams to kill it on the dance floor and be an advocate for plus size dancers, which is very non-typical of women of size. With over 100,000 Instagram followers, she’s definitely someone you want to follow. Check her out at @amandalacount or on YouTube here!

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