If you haven’t followed him, yet, check out our man Keith Webb on Instagram. Hopefully, we’ve got an interview with him coming soon! But, we’re so proud to have a friend like Webb. As a self proclaimed “Lover of All Sizes,” Webb has been a big name in the big community (see what we did there?). Well, we’ve got another reason to be proud of him! Webb is debuting on broadway in the show, Rocktopia!

From Webb’s Instagram Page:

If you haven’t heard I’m proud to say I’m making my Broadway debut in the Ensemble cast of Rocktopia at The Broadway Theater now till April 29th get your tickets at Rocktopia.com

From the Rocktopia.com site:

The classical masters defined music. The gods of rock defied all the rules. When their greatest works collide, a new revolution in music is born. We can’t wait to buy our tickets! Can you?